Wait For The Person Who Softens Your Heart

Daniel Apodaca

Wait for the person who makes you unafraid of showing your feelings because they’re loving every part of it. They don’t make you feel like you’re too much and you need to slow it down. They’re not afraid of your speed because they know how to keep up with it.  They make you feel safe in being who you are, you’re not constantly feeling that you could push them away if you say too much. They don’t make you feel bad for giving too much. They don’t make you wonder why your love is never enough because they’re appreciating every part of it. Your love only pulls them closer. They’re not trying to push you away. They want you close.

Wait for the person who doesn’t think you’re good for just one night or a fun date, wait for the person who wants to see you whenever they get a chance because they don’t want you to forget about them. They want to spend more time with you. They want to hear more stories and make more memories with you. They’re not content with just one night. They’re not just interested in the idea of you, they’re interested in all of you.

Wait for the person who doesn’t make you want to give up on love or dating or romance. Wait for the person who doesn’t make you feel like you’re settling to keep them in your life. Wait for the person who keeps proving you wrong every time you think they’d let you down. Wait for the person who changes the same old heartbreaking story you’re used to. The person who shows up and keeps promises and tries to be a part of your everyday life.

Wait for the person who softens your heart because that’s what you really need. You’re tired of people loving you on their terms or talking to you only when they need attention. You’re tired of being a rebound or a placeholder or a distraction to someone trying to forget their ex. You’re tired of looking at your phone and not getting the message or the call you want. You’re tired of getting your hopes up high and getting excited over things that only last for a few weeks. You’re tired of being a loving person and wasting your love on all the wrong people.

Wait for the person who softens your heart so that you stop being guarded. Wait for the person who opens your big heart even more and doesn’t make you feel like your love is too much or that you’re being needy or clingy. Wait for the person who knows that your happiness depends on love and that you’re at your best when you give love and feel loved. The person who understands what love means to you and doesn’t take it lightly. The person who sees the smile on your face because of them and vows to keep making you smile. Wait for the person who looks at you and sees everything they’ve been searching for. TC mark

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