12 Reasons Your College Roommate Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

arieastman therustysoapbox
arieastman therustysoapbox

1. They saw you at your absolute grossest.

I’m talking unfiltered, hungover, with scabbed over blood spots from when you got a little too enthusiastic about popping a pimple. When you live with someone, they get to see the nasty parts of you that you’re usually able to shield the rest of the world from. But your roommate, that lucky duck, is privy to every sight, smell, sound. And they still love you. THAT’S commitment.

2. They know exactly the kind of person you’d want to date.

They’ve witnessed enough hook ups and people you were “talking to” that they know with total certainty who you’d be attracted to. They can pick them out in a crowd before you even say anything. At this point, you trust them to set you up, and that’s saying something HUGE.

3. They didn’t let you get away with shit.

When you were being a pain in the ass, they didn’t just bottle up their feelings; they called you out on it. And when they were acting impulsively, you sat them down to talk about it. You let them know how it was affecting you. Neither of you left things unsaid. Even when it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do. And that’s how relationships improve and strengthen. That’s how you maintain something really special and honest.

4. They provided a steady shoulder to cry on.

They held you when grief got its greedy fingers on you. They rubbed your back when the asshole broke your heart. Sometimes, they even cried with you. But they never made you feel like your pain was unimportant. They always let you feel whatever you needed to feel. They were always there for you.

5. They pulled all-nighters with you.

When you were both losing your minds because you waited until the last possible second to study, you laughed until it hurt. And even when you were wildly stressed, you’d find something ridiculous to crack up about. They always made those cramming sessions somehow a bit more bearable.

6. They took care of you that time you got really sick.

They became a stand-in parent, bringing you soup and cold compresses when the fever started to spike. They’d pick up your pain meds. They helped you get to the doctor. And when they inevitably got whatever bug you had, you’d switch roles and take care of them.

7. They let you raid their closet.

And it’s the actual best thing ever.

8. They know your deepest, darkest secrets.

The two of you have some SERIOUS dirt on each other. Like, you could both write tell-all memoirs. But you trust them more than anyone. …Which is why you’re comfortable with them knowing what a terrible person you secretly are.

9. They always have your back.

Even when you don’t necessarily deserve it, they always stand up for you. Knowing you have someone in your corner, especially someone as wonderful as they are, is not only a sigh of relief, but it’s a major blessing.

10. They saw you eat an entire microwavable pizza at 3 AM.

And they joined in.

11. They want the best for you.

Even when you disagree, they just want you to be happy. They care about your mental and physical wellbeing. And at the end of the day, they just want to know you’re satisfied and healthy. They want to know you’re thriving. Because they love you.

12. They know just how f*cking weird you are.

And they’d never, ever want you to change. They love your weirdo ass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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