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Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men


They’re everywhere. I can’t walk half a yard down the high-fashion streets of Boston with my girlfriends without being visually assaulted by them. They are such an eyesore that I wish they would just put a big fat trigger warning on themselves, or just like wear one of those blankets that women from the Mid-East wear, jihads, or whatever, and cover up completely. Everytime I see one I can’t help but feel as though the Patriarchy is giving me a big fat Bitch slap on my rosy, supple 23 year old cheeks.

I am referring, of course, to WMAW couples: White Man – Asian Woman couples.

Read “White Women And White Men Should Just Stop Procreating” here.

Okay, so now you might be thinking like, Gosh Anne, why you gotta be all racist, they’re strong, independent yellow women, choosing their own partners in life. If they wanna date a white man, all the more power to them, right?

Wrong. The WMAW phenomenon is itself one steeped in Patriarchal values, sexism and racism. Ever since its breakout, it has caused white men to trick millions of Asian women into relationships in which they’re being heavily taken advantage of.

Asian women, are you too narrow-sighted to realize that the only reason the most privileged and devious group on this side of the Milky Way, White men, are trying to get all up in your wonton soup, is that they are heavily fetishizing you?

If that is the case, let me explain something you, and you better listen, it could save your lives.

White men who chase after Asian Women are afflicted with something called, in laywomen’s terms, Yellow Fever, Asiaphilia or Hentai-ism. Unlike Scarlet fever, which, thanks to modern medicine was gotten rid of after like the First Spanish civil war, scientists back then had no clue how to cure its coeval cousin, the Yellow fever Pandemic. Even now, in 2014, or the Horsey year as you guys call it, we’re no closer to finding a cure.

Upon contraction of Yellow Fever, White men suddenly stop going after strong and beautiful white women like myself, and start trading us for our shorter, black haired and more yellow-hued sisters, namely, you people. Yellow fever is classed as a mental aberration and causes White men not only to date outside their own race, but also to see you Asian women as nothing but dehumanized, servile Toshiba robots.

White Men are in mass denial as to the severity of their illness, and try to mask it as a preference. When interrogated, they give a number of reasons and justifications as to why they suddenly begin crave girls of the more Animé persuasion, the most common being “Asian women are more pleasant than White women.”

Like, OMG? Do you realize how rude that is to Asian Women? Being pleasant is NOT a good trait, that’s a very Patriarchal way of thinking, being pleasant denotes that you’re not fierce and strong like women should be. Asian women, how can you tolerate this rhetoric being spouted about you?

According to many blogs that I read in preparation of writing this inspiring piece, The Patriarchy’s Asian Division seems to have, throughout the centuries, been harder on women in The Asia than here in the US. There seems to have been a lack of Oriental Dworkin’s and Greers in Asian herstory, something that has obviously halted a lot of progress. Some speculate that the small faction of what could have become The Asia’s revolutionary Feminist movement, The Crouching Tigresses, was massacred by Imperialist US soldiers in the Vietnam wars of the 1950’s.

I believe that, as a result of the lack of feminism in The Asia, a sexist and racist view of Asian women being softer and more submissive than Western women, has spread across the globe.

Being a very cultured young woman in her twenties who watches a lot of foreign film, I faced this stereotype many years ago. I mean how many female ninjas do you see in all the Bruce Chan movies ? I’ll spare you a thousand hours of male on male violence and tell you the answer. None. They’re always portrayed, either as ‘Gay Charles’ a homophobic slur that means “an Asian high-class lady of the night”, or rice picking slaves with Sombreros.

It is obvious that White men, a group that is infamous for watching movies, have harnessed this stereotype and now use it to justify pouncing on unsuspecting Asian women. They do this, of course, to feed their own twisted need to feel masculine and dominant, while exotifying, objectifying and dehumanizing you poor Asians. You hear that Asian women? They think you’re exotic, like Fanta Exotic. That’s right. White Men think you’re about as human as a carbonated drink. Think about that for a second.

How can you not realize that you’re being exploited badly by these White scumbags?

And, like they’re not even dating you for your looks, because, like no offense, but you all look kind of similar, so they’re dating you purely because of your race. Can you even fathom how racist that is? Seriously, am I like watching a new Disney Channel show called “That’s so Racist” or what the fuck is going on around here?.

For another opinion, read a response to this article, ‘Thank You, Thought Catalog, For Publishing Racist Satire’ here.

Oh and what are we white women supposed to do now then, that you’re like, totally dating all the white guys? Are we supposed to like, go for your men? No offense, but they’re like kinda short and nerdy and not very hot. I mean they’re perfect for you, you’re like made for each other, but white men kind of like, belong to us.

Okay, that came out a little disjointed or whatever, but I was super mad when I wrote this. Asian women, you need to say no and stop being victims of White guy’s racist power fantasies, and conversely, White guys why don’t you back the fuck off, stop preying on poor Asian women’s weakness, and like come back to me and my friends already.

Help me put a stop to this Mandarin madness, show your Asian friends this article and send tweet under #stopWMAW. TC mark

Read ‘If You Think Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men, You Need A Reality Check’ here.


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