The Reason You Choose To Stay Single, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You tend to be impatient with your relationships and that’s why you think you’re better off alone. You like to do things spontaneously, go to a certain place with no plans at all, and live life without rules. You respect people who have a hard time understanding your free-spirited lifestyle, but you’re not the type who’s going to change for them. You’d rather wait for someone who’s going to love you for who you are than pretend to be someone you are not.


Your ambitions are more important than having a romantic companion. There are still plenty of things that you want to achieve in life before settling down. There are still traits and characteristics of yours that need to be improved upon before you put yourself out there in the dating world. You know that there is a perfect time to fall in love, and right now, you just don’t see yourself sharing your heart with someone else.


A few people took your love for granted before and now, you find it difficult to open yourself completely and trust another person again. You’re building your walls up to protect yourself from any emotional harm and damage that someone can bring in your life. You just want to stay single and heal and pick up the broken pieces of you. You’re working on making yourself feel whole again so that hopefully, you’ll be ready to take a risk in love once more.


Your sensitive heart gets hurt so easily and you’re tired of welcoming people in your life who only want to take advantage of your vulnerability. At some point, you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll never meet the right one for you because of all the heartaches that you experienced. You’re slowly accepting that maybe you’re going to grow old alone and won’t feel what it’s like to have someone who deeply cares for you. But a tiny part of you still hopes that one day, you will also get the love that you deserve.


You like being the center of attention in a room full of people, and you want to enjoy that without having to worry whether someone is going to be jealous. You want to be free from any commitments. You dislike being told what to do and it frustrates you when someone is trying to impose on your freedom. You just want to be on your own for now and discover things about yourself more.


Based on your observances of modern dating, you’ve decided that you’re emotionally safer when you’re not involved in any sort of relationship with anyone. You’re at peace knowing that nobody can hurt you. Nobody can drag you into the games they’re playing in love. And nobody can bring pain in your heart. You are smart enough to wait for someone who can truly be ready to commit with you wholeheartedly.


People know that you barely say no to them and sometimes they use your kindness to their advantage. They run to you for help but when you’re the one who needs it, they suddenly become busy. They can’t make time for you and they give a lot of excuses about why they can’t meet you and offer you some comfort. Along the way, you’ve learned to prioritize yourself, to take good care of yourself, and to love yourself first before others. You’ve learned that one of the most important relationships that you should have in this world is with your own heart.


It’s difficult for you to trust people. No matter how hard you try to give someone your heart, you end up taking it back from them. Words aren’t enough for you to believe in peoples’ intentions. You always need a proof or some sort of sign that they’re not going to betray you, emotionally hurt you, and leave you all of a sudden. You want someone to work really hard to earn your trust. You can’t share all the parts of yourself to a person unless you’re really sure that he or she is the one you’re going to marry one day.


Your goal is to see every corner of the world before seeking a permanent home in someone else. You want to immerse yourself in environments that are completely different from where you grew up. You want to learn more about life from other people. You want to learn more about yourself by going to places that make you feel uncomfortable. To you, there’s still so much to do on earth and you want to take your time exploring and experiencing wonderful adventures before settling down.


Among your friends, you are the most patient one. You are mature enough to know that it takes time to find true love. You never feel any pressure even if everyone around you seems to be in a happy relationship already. You don’t feel like you’re missing out so much in life when you spend Friday night alone. You are not desperate to throw yourself out there and hope that you’re going to meet someone who wants to have a special connection with you. In fact, being single doesn’t make you feel sad or bad about yourself at all.


You are an independent kind of person. You make your own happiness and don’t rely heavily on other people. You are confident in your own skin and you don’t waste your time associating with people who can’t accept you for who you are. You have this belief that if someone likes you, they will not ask you to change for them. They will still love you despite your differences.


You are compassionate and want to extend your helping hands to people. You like volunteering and sharing your time to those who need it. You are aware that romantic relationship is important, but you just want to focus your attention at the moment on making the world a better place. You want to spread good vibes and share lessons you’ve learned in life to everyone who’s struggling in his or her journey. You want to use your voice to brighten up someone’s day and give them the hope that they need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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