All The Reasons Why You Should Be Proud To Be Single

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You choose to stay single because you’re learning that having a romantic relationship won’t guarantee you happiness.

Your world isn’t going to magically change just because you have found someone who brightens up your day and gives you a colorful night. And your mind isn’t going to find out all the answers in life just because you’re inspired by someone’s care and affections.

You choose to be single because you want to leave your own mark and be recognized for your own achievements. You choose not to compromise your identity to suit someone else’s needs, to adjust for them, to impress them. You choose not to depend your happiness to another person.

You are single because you choose to have your own freedom.

You know that by being on your own, you can fully spread your wings and fly everywhere that you want to go. You can spend precious moments with yourself just hearing your thoughts out. You have the luxury to take your time without having to worry whether you’re slowing someone else down.

You can have your own space, move freely, do whatever you want, and not be afraid to be completely soft. You can embrace your own insecurities and you can be comfortable in your own skin.

By being single, you get to control your life, because you are not tied up to a schedule. You are not, in any way, obligated to send a text message or call someone else. You are not pressured to filter your words and be careful with your actions.

By being single, you can focus all your energies and attention to yourself. You get to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. You get to pinpoint your fears and come up with solutions to overcome them. You get to know the person that you are becoming without any influence or opinions coming from others.

You get to live your life according to your own rules – and that is the best gift anyone can ask for.

You can walk away from something that doesn’t make you happy and not have to give detailed explanations about why you’re leaving. You can make bold choices and don’t need much of any support from a romantic partner because you’re already strong enough to handle everything that comes in your way. You can make your dreams come true because your heart is fully committed to them.

When you are free from any kind of emotional commitments, you see everything around you in detail. You understand life deeper. You are slowly learning your purpose. You enjoy your journey more. And you are wildly excited for your future.

By being single, your world starts to get brighter and suddenly things begin to make sense. You are able to widen your perspective and wholeheartedly respect other peoples’ beliefs. You are becoming more sensitive about everyone’s feelings and you are growing to be more kind to others.

You should cherish the time that you spend being alone, because it’s the only moment in your life when you get the chance to learn a lot about yourself more, love yourself more, take good care of yourself more. It is the only moment when you get to pay close attention to your dreams.

By being single, you can wholeheartedly hold on to the moments when you can open your eyes, look at where you’re standing, and finally feel how incredible it is to love yourself first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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