When One Chapter Of Your Story Closes, A Beautiful One Will Always Open Next

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Samuel Foster

There’s something melancholic about bidding your farewell to the people who touched your heart. It’s difficult for you to leave, especially when you have invested so much of your feelings to them. It’s sad to think that the bonds you have built with each other for hundreds of days will just end in one word, in one hug, in one final wave.

When you part ways with people, there’s no guarantee that things will stay the same and the promises you made with each other will never be broken. You will go somewhere, meet different other people, live a new life, and eventually change. You will have new sets of goals to reach. You will outgrow the things that used to give you happiness. And the ones you left behind will slowly become a stranger to you.

But that’s part of life – you will have to say goodbye to people once in a while. And the best way for you to recover from the pain of losing them is to realize that not all relationship is permanent. You will experience painful goodbyes. You will be pulled away from the ones who mean so much to you. And sometimes you will have to go and explore in a different direction.

There’s a whole new beginning that’s waiting for you once a chapter of your life closes. It’s true that endings aren’t easy, but somehow you will learn to stop peeking at the footprints you left behind, and be excited to what is yet to come. You will learn how to stand on your own feet, to be at peace with temporary friendships, and to see the good in starting all over again.

You will learn that endings can be beautiful, too.

Endings teach you to have deeper connections with people because you’ll never know when will be the last time that you’ll see them. Endings urge you to appreciate those who care for you and cherish them for never leaving your side, for always believing in you, for helping you to build your dreams. Endings remind you not to take your time here on earth for granted.

As you grow older and have more experience in leaving and moving somewhere, you will realize that you can’t ask people to stay with you all the time. You can’t place your entire world on their shoulders and let them carry it for as long as they can. You can’t cling to them and expect them to be satisfied at where they are.

People have hopes and ambitions that might be completely different from you. When the time has come and they’re ready to chase their dreams too, they will pack their bags and go on their own adventures. It might be hard for them to separate ways with you, but they know that it’s the right thing to do in order for both of you to grow.

Saying goodbye is something that you will encounter quite often. At a certain point, you have to know how to get used to it. You have to find a convenient way on how to move on quickly after you put an end to your role in someone’s life. You need to be able to thrive and be positive that you’re going to be just fine even when you’re not surrounded by familiar people.

The best thing about closing a chapter of your story is that there’s a new set of blank pages, ready and waiting for you to fill.

You can decide how you want your narrative to be told. You can choose what part of your life you want to conceal and hide from everyone that you will meet in the future. You can completely create a new character that no one has ever seen or known before.

It is absolutely frightening to start from scratch again and form new relationships with people, but there’s always a hope in every beginning. There’s a beautiful uncertainty that your life might be a better one this time around. And whatever that’s waiting for you out there is only going to bring you one step closer to where you’re meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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