Dear Hopeless Romantic, You Deserve To Be Loved Like This

hopeless romantic, how you deserve to be loved
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I know you’re starting to lose your hope in love. I know you’ve tried your best to put yourself out there to search for the right one, only to come home empty-handed and with a broken heart. I know how frustrating it is to give your all only to be told that your efforts aren’t good enough. That you’re just not there yet. That you’re too young to be in love. That you’re not yet ready to share your life with someone else. That you need to get to know yourself more.

But regardless of how many times people discourage you to pursue the kind of love that you’re looking for, you never stop wishing that someday someone will bring sparks in your heart. Someone will light a fire in your soul. Someone will lift your spirits up.

Because you deserve to be loved too.

You deserve to wake up to a long, crafted text message that inspires you to give your best for the day. You deserve to have someone who thinks about what you’re doing in the middle of the afternoon. You deserve to go to bed at night knowing that you are valued and appreciated.

You deserve to be asked on a romantic, unforgettable date. You deserve to have all the doors be opened for you. You deserve someone who makes you a playlist with all your favorite songs in it. You deserve to be surprised with gifts even without a special occasion.

You deserve to have your feelings be handled with caution. You deserve to be understood every time you tell your story. You deserve to be supported and be cheered on for all your dreams in life.

It’s not going to be a smooth, easy journey in meeting the person who’s meant for you. But that is okay. Because it makes the waiting a little more exciting. It allows you to appreciate love more when it finally comes into your life.

You’re not going to take your relationship with someone for granted. You’re not going to waste the chance that is gifted to you by the world. You’re not going to risk losing the love you’ve waited to have for so long.

Some days you become exhausted in convincing yourself that you’re so close in meeting your forever person – but keep believing, and never lose hope. Don’t let your light be dimmed by the pain you felt in the past. Don’t let the people who broke your heart stop you from being a hopeless romantic. Don’t let your enthusiasm in love fade.

One day, someone will give you everything that you deserve. Someone will totally relate in the way you think deeply. Someone will be amazed by how passionate you are in making your creative skills better. Someone will not get bored of you, but will actually find you interesting.

Someone will prove to you that you deserve more. You deserve more than broken promises. You deserve more than the times when you were left behind and lead on to a false belief. You deserve more than a relationship that’s not real.

Someday you will no longer have to worry about growing old alone, because time is going to be on your side. Time isn’t going to betray you. It’s never going to cheat on you.

You have to trust fate and bet all your hope in it. Always remember that fate recognizes what’s best for you. Fate knows the kind of love and person that you deserve. Fate remembers all the moments when you felt lonely.

Someday there’s going to be a person who will do different things with you. Things that will make an impact in your heart and stay in it. Someday you will no longer experience the emptiness that lingers in your heart when you’re on your own. Someday someone’s going to make an appearance in your life and show you all the beautiful places that you deserve to see.

Someday you will no longer have to cry because whenever you look beside you, there’s always a reason for you to smile. Someday someone’s going to heal all the brokenness inside of you. And someday, someone is going to be so thankful that you came into their lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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