10 Subtle Cues He’s Into You (Without Him Necessarily Saying It)

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1. He always finds a way to talk to you.

He keeps sending you random messages or cute pictures he found on the internet just to have an excuse to be in a conversation with you. And even if your response is short and somehow shows an indication that you’re not in the mood to talk, he still makes some efforts to keep his dialogue with you continuous. His name is the first one that pops up in your inbox in the morning and the last one at night. He will do everything just to catch your attention, regardless if you’re near or far from him.

2. He makes time for you.

Bear in mind that most men aren’t fond of being tied up to schedules, so when he actually makes a note on his calendar just for you, it means you are someone special to him. He dedicates a good portion of his week to get to know you more and impress you with his generosity. He takes you to places that mean so much to him because he wants to share to you some parts of him that other people don’t know. As soon as your time with each other is coming to an end, he’s asking you again if you want to hang out with him.

3. He opens up about his future plans with you.

You can tell he’s serious about his future when his voice starts to sound mellow when he tells you his dreams in life. He’s giving you the opportunity to know what’s inside his heart. He’s allowing himself to be vulnerable in front of you because he believes that he can trust you. He feels understood just by being with you.

4. His close friends know about you.

One day you get notifications from people who are adding you in your social media accounts. You don’t really know them but as soon as you see who the mutual friend is – it is him – and it dawns upon you that he might be talking about you to his friends. Some people in his life are already familiar with your name, which clearly means that you’ve been brought up to their conversations couple of times.

5. He blushes when he sees you.

His cheeks turn red whenever you’re beside him. You attempt to ask him what’s wrong and you can see that he blushes even more. You’re the reason why all the blood in his system circulates faster. And even if it’s too obvious that you make him a little bit nervous, he’s still very shy to admit it.

6. He remembers everything that you told him.

When you complain to him that you lost one of your valuables, he tries to remind you where you usually put it. You get surprised not only by how sharp his memory is, but also by how incredible it is that he remembers tiny facts about you. He never forgets the story of your childhood, your greatest highs in life, and all the places you visited few years ago. He pays close attention to everything that you’re telling him. And that’s a subtle sign that he’s so into you.

7. He smells nice every time you’re together.

You can’t get enough of his cologne when he’s close to you. Sometimes you get the feeling that he intentionally applies a lot of it every time you’re with him, because when you accidentally saw him before, he smelled just ordinary. You try to ask him if he puts fancy scent in his body all the time, and he just shrugs and smiles at you.

8. He likes to bring smile to your lips.

A guy never makes an effort to make someone smile unless they are important to him. When he keeps surprising you with something that can immediately bring light to your day, it means he wants to win your heart. He fights for your attention because he wants you to notice him. He wants to make an impact in your life in hopes that you’re going to appreciate him.

9. He is protective of you.

He doesn’t want you to be in danger. He constantly checks on you just to make sure that you are okay. He cares about your feelings and is very vocal about not hurting you or bringing pain in your life. It’s not really his responsibility to protect you, but he wants to be the first person you call when you are in trouble. He wants to be the person who pulls you away from all your problems.

10. He doesn’t get tired of being with you.

No matter how many times you’ve snapped at him, ignored him, and yelled at him – he still treats you the same. He still keeps coming back to you, because you never disappoint him. He doesn’t get tired of being part of your life. He doesn’t get tired of making you feel special. And he doesn’t get tired of showing you how much he loves you, without necessarily saying it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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