25 Ways He’s Telling You He’s Into You (Without Actually Saying It)

1. He says you look hot—and means it—even when you definitely don’t.

2. He thanks you at surprising times—when you haven’t necessarily done anything worthy of thanks—because he’s truly grateful that you exist.

3. He offers to carry your purse whenever it looks especially cumbersome or heavy, even though he looks ridiculous holding it.

4. He keeps tabs on your favorite bands and suggests seeing them in concert even if he’s not really into the type of music they play.

5. He’s eager to try all the things you love, whether it’s a restaurant you rave about, an athletic activity you favor, or a travel destination you praise.

6. Similarly, he’s eager to introduce you to everything he loves, so he’ll plan an afternoon of rock climbing or eating oysters no matter how much you fear heights or shellfish, charming in his determination to convert you.

7. When you visit a place that’s dear to him, like his hometown, or the campus of his alma mater, he’s visibly excited to point out all the spots that mean something to him—as if he wishes you could have been there with him all along.

8. He talks of traveling with you to exotic places and it doesn’t matter if you guys actually go anywhere because there’s so much joy in discussing these trips as hypotheticals.

9. He suggests going on long walks without any agenda whatsoever.

10. He leaves his phone behind when you go out to dinner sometimes so he can give you his full attention.

11. He sends you calendar listings for things he considers important future events in his life (a doctor’s appointment, an exam, or an interview) because he wants to keep you in the loop.

12. When you arrive at his place after a long day, he rushes to help you take off your coat and shoes.

13. When he senses that you’re down, he asks what he can do for you. If you answer “nothing,” he’ll make thoughtful suggestions.

14. If you get into a fight, he goes beyond what etiquette requires in apologizing—not with an “I’m sorry” present, but by offering to massage you, suggesting your favorite takeout for dinner, or being especially kind in some other small way that matters tremendously.

15. He tells you about his nightmares because he isn’t afraid of looking like a wimp around you.

16. He also sincerely wants your insight into what his dreams, good and bad, might mean, trusting that you know him better than anyone else.

17. He clearly takes pride in introducing you to his friends, and, eventually, family members.

18. He proactively masters each of your arousal triggers, and he regularly asks for input as to how he might pleasure you even better.

19. He secretly scopes out your place, taking mental notes about the types of toiletries you prefer. Then he surprises you by purchasing the right shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, and toothpaste for his home.

20. He anticipates the need to designate an area of his closet and/or dresser for you so you never even have to consider leaving things behind “accidentally” to mark your territory.

21. He clearly adores it when you choose to lounge around wearing his button downs and t-shirts instead of your own clothing.

22. He makes a clear effort to remember your preferences—what you like to drink and eat, exactly how you take your coffee, how you arrange your pillows in bed, and what time of day you’re most likely to be tired or grumpy and thus in need of a text message reminding you that you’re awesome.

23. He’s not afraid to enhance any text with emoji, even if he’s not really the silly miniature graphic type.

24. He takes photos of you constantly, not to post to social media, but to keep for himself.

25. He takes great pleasure in making you smile, and he’s not afraid to work at it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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