He Might Not Say ‘I Love You’ But I Promise You He Does


He might not say I love you, even though it’s all he wants to say. Because he struggles to tell you how he truly feels. He carries his emotions locked away in his heart, making sure they never slip out. He’s so used to holding everything in, he no longer knows how to begin letting those three words out.

He might not mouth I love you, but his heart beats it every day. Every time he sees you. Every moment you spend together. Every time he gets to wake up to another beautiful morning with you by his side.

And his eyes say it too. Every time they stop and silently linger on you for a moment longer than you expect. And his arms. The way they cradle you tightly to his chest, reluctantly letting go.

Sometimes, he might not be able to find the words I love you, as they catch mid-way in the back of his throat. Because he’s afraid. Because he’s scared of rejection. Because he’s not comfortable with the magnitude of his own feelings. Because he’s been hurt before and he can’t begin to imagine going through hell again.

And aren’t we all afraid of that?

He might not whisper I love you, but he’s sure you already know. He’s certain that his actions have painted his feelings loud and clear. To him, it’s an unspoken given.

The way he grips your hand a little tighter as you cross a busy road. The way he comforts you when you’ve had a bad day and you desperately need someone to pick you back up. And the way he’s not afraid to say sorry first, even when you both know he’s done nothing wrong.

He might not say I love you, but beautiful girl I promise you he does. He loves you like he’s never loved before. It courses through his veins, bursts from his heart and has infused in his soul. The love he holds for you could never possibly be done justice by those three tiny words.

His love for you weighs so much more than I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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