It’s Okay That You Haven’t Found Your Place In This World Yet

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You’re not supposed to walk a straight path in your early twenties. It’s fairly normal that you can’t picture what your life will be like five years from now. Everyone gets confused in his or her journey. You’re not the only one who’s struggling to find a place in this world.

You aren’t alone in your fears. Someone out there shares the same doubts that are haunting you. Someone out there is also trying to live another day.

Committing a one major, life-changing mistake doesn’t make you a failure. In all honesty, your poor choices are good wake-up calls that you need to change. You need to listen more to people who only want the best for you.

You need to accept that not everything is going to happen your way.

You will have plans that will not work. You will meet people who will not agree with your ideas. You will have moments when you will give up, turn around, and quit. You will have days when you will regret every decision you’ve made in the past. But that’s life. You won’t always get what you want, no matter how hard you try.

It’s okay to just wait and see what happens next. It’s okay to give your best in everything that you do and just let life takes you wherever it wants you to go. It’s okay to stop fighting, stop questioning, stop trying to gain control, and just let things be.

You’re not here to scribe your goals into stone and follow them in an orderly, neat manner. You’re here to make a mess, break your heart, disappoint yourself, cry your eyes out — and then learn from all your mistakes.

Nothing is easy when you’re just starting out. You have to constantly remind yourself to be patient. Even on the days when you’re so frustrated and want to surrender, you need to convince yourself to hold on a litter longer.

You have to look above you and find a silver lining. You have to believe that your own time will come and all your hard-work will pay off. All your confusions and doubts will eventually make sense.

There’s really no reason to rush. You have to endure the slow and painful process of your becoming. You have to cross every obstacle in life with grace. You have to smile even though your feelings are killing you on the inside.

You have to repeatedly tell yourself that you’re going to be fine until it actually happens. You have to learn how to be nice to yourself. You have to learn that a simple act of positivity can make a huge difference in your life.

A simple acceptance of the fact that you haven’t sorted your life yet can make your heart lighter. Being honest with yourself can help you navigate your way to the future so easily. It can give you clarity of what you really want to pursue in this world.

It’s okay that your dreams are still work in progress at this moment. It’s okay that you’re not yet in the city that you want, in the job that you want, or with the person that you want. It’s okay that you’re still in the process of establishing yourself.

And it’s okay to embrace and love the situation that you are currently living in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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