10 Things You Should Know About The Ambivert In Your Life

Keghan Crossland

1. They get really exhausted after spending too much time with people.

They love interacting with everyone. It makes them happy to get to know different people because they’re very open-minded about diversity. But having too many conversations with people drain their energy. There’s a limit on the number of dialogues that they can handle for a certain period of time. Sometimes they need to pull themselves away from everyone so they can restore the energy that they have lost while being surrounded by people.

2. They are different people when they’re with their friends.

They have different personas depending on where they are and who they are with. If they’re surrounded by adults, they can be mature individuals. If they’re spending time with their friends, they let loose a little and can be the person that they truly are. People who don’t identify themselves as introvert or extrovert can easily adjust to any kind of environment that they find themselves in. It’s not hard for them to mingle with people who have different personalities.

3. They have curfews.

The thing with Ambiverts is that you can’t expect them to spend the whole day or night with you. Sure they can be the life of the party, but once exhaustion gets through to them, they just want to immediately go home. They can’t give you a guarantee that they’ll be able to be with you for a really long time. Yes they want to have fun, but they also want to be left alone at the end of the day.

4. They think before they speak.

Since they don’t consider themselves as talkative or quiet, they know how to be careful with their words. They don’t impassively say what’s on their minds, but at the same time, they don’t also try to hold themselves from saying what they want. They just give themselves time to ponder and articulate the thoughts or ideas that they want to share. They are aware of how powerful words are so they become responsible in using them.

5. They are extremely observant.

One of the best skills of Ambiverts is that they can notice the little things that other people don’t. They can tell the reasons behind your actions, the meaning in your words, and the subtle cues in your gestures. They have the ability to observe people and be able to understand them. They get it why people behave the way they do because Ambiverts experience the same things that other people are going through.

6. They like to be left alone, but not all the time.

It’s true that they want to spend time with themselves, but too much silence is deafening to their ears. Sometimes they also crave for happy hours and catch up with their friends. They want to involve themselves in outdoor activities and be in close encounter with Mother Nature. Ambiverts can’t live on their own forever. They recognize the importance of healthy relationships with other human beings.

7. They are flexible in social situations.

They rarely worry about fitting in. They can rise up even at uncomfortable situations because they’re confident on their own skins. They don’t get easily intimidated. No matter who they’re dealing with, they can handle themselves very well. They’re not picky about who they hang out with because they can get along with pretty much everyone.

8. They are unpredictable.

There is no way that you can study the pattern of their behaviors. People who aren’t introverted or extroverted change all the time. It’s quite difficult to know what their preferences or favorites are because they vary from time to time. They might love to read books and stay at home for a week, then visit the ocean and go camping the next week. It’s hard to put Ambiverts in boxes and try to define who they are.

9. They can control their emotions.

Sometimes you can’t help but be jealous by how great they can control their reactions to different situations. Ambiverts can give everyone the benefit of the doubt whether they’re upset or not. They can laugh as loud as they can if they allow themselves or they can hold their tears and pretend that they aren’t hurting. Ambiverts are the true masters in pulling off a poker face.

10. They understand people.

They have the ability to empathize with peoples’ feelings. They respect people who ask for some time alone and they accompany those who ask for their time. Ambiverts have wider perspective than anyone else. They understand the way people think and act because they feel the emotions that both extroverts and introverts experience. Ambiverts are the best type of friends in this world, because you know that they’ll never judge you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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