13 definite signs you're a cancer

13 Definite Signs You’re A Cancer

1. You are deeply sensitive, and you always have been. You are sentimental and the smallest things can heighten your emotions in bizarre ways.

2. You are an excellent listener, and you are known for giving great advice. Sometimes you don’t take your own advice, though. But your friends always can count on you for a better perspective or input on just about anything.

3. You are a wandering soul, but your home is your sanctuary. You have a deep longing to travel and see new places, but you know where your heart really resides.

4. You have an obsession with making lists/plans. Even if you don’t follow through with those ideas, making lists is fun for you.

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5. You identify as a realist. And that’s because you know that no amount of delusion can change the truth, so you can easily decipher real from fake. It helps keep you grounded and level-headed.

6. You are remarkably creative. Your brain is constantly imploring for new creative ideas. You have a undying passion to create and design. And that creative nature will bring you exciting, unimaginable places.

7. You have a hard time getting good nights rest because your mind is constantly running wild. You tend to be all over the place. You’re always one step ahead, planning out your next move. Sometimes this can be exhausting for you.

8. You have a unique way with words. You know how to relate and phrase words so that they make sense to others. A career as a writer or editor might even interest you. You are quite the smooth talker and charmer, that’s for sure!

9. You’re highly intuitive. You often pick up on things that others would miss. This intuition helps you read others with ease. You’re able to determine their mood by simply observing their body language.

10. You’ll be the first to cry and the first to laugh. You might be overly sensitive at times, but you also have a great sense of humor. A long laugh or cry is the cure for almost anything in life.

11. You are a passionate lover. You’re the most passionate and gentle lover and you have the ability to make a person feel alive. Most of the time Cancerians will take their time to find the right one, but once they do, the bond with that person will be deep and committed.

12. You are a loner at heart. You have a small circle of friends, and you love spending time with them. But more often than not, you prefer to be alone. You genuinely enjoy your own company and sometimes it becomes exhausting keeping up with a overly-social schedule. You find pleasure by being in the comfort of your own home.

13. You are extremely protective of your loved ones. And although you are not usually a confrontational person by any means, when it comes to your family and friends, you don’t tolerate any nonsense. You want to support and be there for them as much as you possibly can. If someone crosses a line you’ll be the first to take a stand and defend them until the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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