I’m A Woman And I Hate Modern Day Feminism


Yes, you read that correctly. I’m a female and I hate feminism.

Feminism has changed drastically over the years and it’s become a nationwide phenomenon that’s entirely cultivated by us. I’m all for “girl power” and the concept that women posses equal rights to men. But we’re shoving the idea of feminism down each other’s throats and forcing ourselves to believe that we’re considered to be less than men. Radical feminists have slandered the true meaning of the word feminism. We’re highlighting the extreme differences between men and women, which completely goes against the idea of gender equality.

In fact, women are doing better than ever in terms of having equal rights to men in the United States. We have more rights in the U.S. than any other country in the world. We have the right to be assumed caregivers for children. We hold the right to call unwanted, coerced, forced sex what it is: rape. We hold the right to choose parenthood. Gender equality has evolved a tremendous amount and it often goes unnoticed.

It’s inevitable that women have several differences from men. There is a divide between both the mental and physical makeup of a male and female body. There is a reason for this; therefore we are not equals. Although we aren’t totally equal in that sense, we live in a time period where women are able to take on the same jobs as men. Women are able to perform the same physically grueling labor as men. Day in and day out we are proving that we’re able to take on the same tasks as the average man does.

Feminism used to mean that women are to possess the same rights that men do, but we’ve flipped the switch and morphed it into a entirely different game. If you tell a woman to smile, you’re automatically a sexist. If you tell a woman she’s beautiful, you’re reducing her to just her looks. If you tell a woman she’s intelligent, you’re a sexist for being bewildered that she’s smart and more than just her body. Of course, there are plenty of men out there that go against these beliefs and disregard any respect for the female race.

But, this generalization of the entire male population needs to go.

The belief that all men are cruel, women-degrading pigs — this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Modern Feminism is overloaded with obtrusive hypocrisy, lies, and double-standards, that it’s become incapable of defending itself without denouncing itself at the same time.

Modern Feminists have slandered the name of feminism by tainting it with preposterous, easily condemned, and self-contradictory allegations.

I fully support the idea of being a strong, powerful, independent woman. What I’m not supportive of is putting down and entire gender in order to claim a sense of “dominance” over the other. Men are not dominant over women. Women are not dominant over men. In all reality, feminism is what we make of it. Of course, there are still gaps in gender equality. Yes, in some circumstances women are not equal to men. There will always be an undisclosed divide in gender equality. We need to utilize how much women’s rights have evolved throughout the years and the independence we’ve endured from it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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