This Is How You’ll Lose Her, Based On Her Love Language


Words Of Affirmation

You’ll lose her if you make her feel guilty for needing reassurance because she’ll take it as feeling resented for just needing you. She isn’t needy. She just knows she deserves what she gives to you in return. Your words mean everything to her, so never forget to tell her how much you love her. And always tell her why. If she makes an effort to do something for you, always thank her and never take her for granted. Express yourself and say things that are meaningful and always tell her the truth. Your word means a lot. To her, it’s all anyone ever really has. Love her and let her know it every single day, especially on the bad days. Because that’s when she’ll need it the most.

Quality Time

You’ll lose her if you make her feel like a burden instead of the priority she deserves to be. She doesn’t need much, but she does need you. She wants you to be there for her when she needs you because she will always be there for you. She’s the low-maintenance girl you’ve been looking for, but in the past, people have taken advantage of that. Don’t make their same mistake. She’s the girl who doesn’t need extravagant dates all the time and is okay with staying in on a Saturday night as the two of you cuddle up on the couch, but also remember it’s about quality time, not the quantity of time that matters to her. Always make the most of the time the two of you have. Don’t waste it by sitting on your phone or always asking to watch a movie. Take your time seriously and use it to truly engage with her. Stay up all night talking and get to truly know the girl who is the last person you would ever want to lose. And don’t blow it by bailing on her and making her feel like an option instead of your priority.

Receiving Gifts

You’ll lose her if you don’t put thought into who she is and what she needs. Everyone assumes someone who receives love through getting gifts is spoiled. Don’t be the person who belittles her for that because she’s not spoiled. She just knows what she needs, and she’s attentive to the needs of everyone else around her. She’s thoughtful, and that makes it hard for her to understand when other people aren’t. Don’t drop hundreds of dollars on superficial possessions. When she’s sad, get her some ‘just because’ flowers from the supermarket down the street or better yet, some warm fuzzy socks and a cup of hot chocolate. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be meaningful. Get to know her and remember the moments when she confides in you about the things she loves, and then do everything you can to encourage her with the tiny gifts you can give, whether it’s a book by her favorite author or a framed photo of your favorite picture of the two of you.

Acts Of Service

You’ll lose her if you’re constantly forgetting to do the thing you said you would do two days ago. This girl doesn’t mess around and she doesn’t want to be a grown man’s mother. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. Your words don’t mean much to her so saying sorry after the fact, isn’t going to work. She pays more attention to action. As far as she’s concerned anyone can say, “I love you” and not mean it. The people who really love someone prove it by putting them first and paying attention to what they need, like she does for you. A man who truly loves a woman will do everything in his power to make her life easier because he’ll know that what she is constantly trying to do for him. So cook her dinner after a long day of work, or draw her bath filled with her favorite bubble bath, and that’s what will remind her of your love.

Physical Touch

You’ll lose her if you quit holding her hand during the day, and stop making her feel desired at night. She needs your hands on her, and it’s not just about sex. It’s about showing the world you couldn’t be prouder of the girl at your side by draping your arm around her and dropping a gentle kiss on the top of her head. It’s about being as addicted to her, as she is to you. It’s about holding her in your arms and making her feel calm. It’s letting her know you love her as you brush her hair behind her ear and reminding her you’re always there to relieve her stress by rubbing her shoulders as she takes moment to breathe. It’s being her safe place, and loving her for being yours. She wants to be loved as hard as she loves you, but also to be touched tenderly and to always feel as worshiped as she’s done for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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