Sometimes They Need To Leave You So That One Day They Can Come Back

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Sometimes people leave and it has nothing to do with you. But you’ll think it does. You’ll question yourself and feel like they left you because you’re not good enough. But I promise you, it has nothing to do with you. Because sometimes people leave, but sometimes they come back.

Sometimes people leave because they think they don’t deserve you. They didn’t leave you because you’re not good enough but they left because, they, themselves, don’t feel good enough for you. They didn’t leave because they don’t love you. They left because they don’t love themselves.

Sometimes people leave because the timing is wrong and sometimes timing is everything. Love comes at people fast and most of the time it’s when they least expect it. A lot of the time it’s when they just aren’t ready to handle it, and they just aren’t there yet. Because every person is a story and every person is on a different page in their own book.

Sometimes people leave because they need to find themselves. Not everyone dreams of love, and it makes them unprepared for it. Because they had different dreams and different plans and for them life isn’t love just yet. So they leave and learn to make themselves proud before they can make someone else proud of them.

Sometimes people leave because they get scared. Sometimes people can’t handle the weight of your love and how it makes them feel. They question themselves too much and they push love away too hard because sometimes the way you love them feels like it’s too much. But it isn’t because you are too much. It’s because at the time, their fears only allow them to handle too little.

Sometimes people leave and it’s a mistake. Sometimes people mess up. Because people are complicated and love is difficult and sometimes people can only know something is a mistake by making the mistake, and in the end it will be your choice whether or not you forgive them for that mistake, and sometimes you will.

Because sometimes the person you love found a way to love themselves, and it makes the timing right, because now they know who they are, and it inspires them to be brave, and it makes them realize their mistakes, and then you forgive them. Because you know that a person who leaves and comes back is a person you can trust to believe in your love enough to fight for it back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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