This Is How You Will Make Her Fall In Love

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This isn’t a game. This isn’t for the girl you want to hook up with at 2:00 AM, and then never call again. This isn’t for the girl you fall all over because you can’t move your gaze from her body. This isn’t for the hot girl you meet at the bar who was making out with your friend two minutes ago.

This is for the girl. This is for the girl you meet and you fall instantly for her mind and genuinely want to hear her every thought. This is for the girl you can’t stop thinking about long after you go home. This is for the girl that makes you question every thought you had ever previously had about what it’s like to fall in love.

When you meet that girl, you’ll need her to fall as hard for you as you have for her. So when you meet her, open the door for her.

When she talks to you, don’t only nod your head. Ask her questions. Engage with her. Ask her about her mother, her father, her hopes, her dreams, her past, her future.

Hold her hand in public, and call her beautiful, even in front of your friends.

Text her good morning, and good night. When it’s cold, give her your jacket, and don’t ever take no for an answer.

Be a complete dork with her. Sing with her in the car. Drink by yourselves and dance with her in the kitchen late at night.

Go out for midnight ice cream runs and watch Netflix for hours. Do nothing with her, but make her laugh and buy her chocolate, and I promise it will feel like everything to her.

Kiss her on her forehead, and make her promise to text you when she gets home safe.

Be on her side no matter what. It doesn’t matter if she’s right or wrong, always be there for her, and always defend her. You’re her partner, her teammate, her soulmate. Always act like it.

Let her steal your hoodies, and your T-shirts to sleep in at night. Spray them with your cologne whenever you can so they smell like you.

Wake up with her on Sunday morning and make pancakes together. Remember how she takes her coffee.

Keep your promises. Be her best friend, and the one person she knows she can always trust. Assure her when she gets scared.

Make her cry, but only from laughing so hard.

Never let her leave when she’s upset. Fight for her. Never let her go to bed angry or sad. Reply to her one-word text. When she says she’s fine, tell her you love her and you know her well enough to know she isn’t, and that you want to talk to her until she is.

Tell her all your secrets, and listen when she tells you hers. Ask her about her struggles, and check in with her whenever you can.

Motivate her to be the person she has always wanted to be. Support her dreams and never belittle them.

Always tell her the truth. If you make a mistake, apologize. If she makes a mistake, forgive her.

Give her flowers just because. Send her love songs that remind you of her. Write her love letters instead of text messages.

Tell her how beautiful she is when she doesn’t have makeup on. Tell her she’s beautiful when she does have makeup on. Tell her she’s beautiful no matter what.

Kiss her in the middle of an argument. Kiss her in the pouring rain. Kiss her whenever you can.

Help her manage her stress. Be her safe place, and hold her when she cries. Wipe away her tears and kiss her on both cheeks.

Tell her you love her every single day, and never let her forget it. Be the guy she can’t stop thinking about even after she gets home, and then be the guy who makes her question every previous thought she had ever had about falling in love.

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