You’re Allowed To Fall In Love Again

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You’re allowed to fall in love again. I know it sounds crazy because the last go around with love you had you were pretty certain that it was it. They were the one you had been waiting for and had ignited your soul in such a way you were pretty sure it would never feel this way again.

But then it ended. It ended in a way that was so incredibly crushing and painful that you swore to yourself you were never going to fall in love one more time. You were never going to allow yourself to go that far with someone again. Sure when you got lonely you were going to allow someone into your bed but it was never going to be more than that. You were so sure.

It started as something so innocent. A look across the bar. A moment at the bookstore when you reached for the same book. That swipe right instead of left that gave you an immediate match. However you met this new person, the instantaneous feeling of wanting to know them was overwhelming. It was their vibes that got you to overcome the fear and just listen to your gut instinct to give them your number.

And that first conversation, you know the one, the first real conversation you have, it blew your mind. It’s the conversation where you stop learning about the surface level things that everyone tells each other and dive deeper into their heart. You see their passions and their eyes light up as they talk about them. You talk about your scars. The ones that are so deep and so scary that you don’t just tell anyone about them.

You feel a bit shaky around them. It’s almost like your body can’t control itself when you’re next to them and you just want to intertwine your fingers, your bodies and your souls. It’s something you never wanted to feel again but here you are. But you deny it. You’re denying that it could possibly be more than just a fling. You deny the fact that you can feel your heart beating out of your chest the second they’re around.

Why? Because you promised yourself you’d never fall in love again. You promised yourself that you would keep a safe distance. No matter how cute they look in the morning when they’re sleeping beside you. No matter how smart or incredibly funny they are. Not even when they make you extremely happy. Love was never going to be a thing that crossed your mind ever.

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to love. We’ve all been the one who’s cared more and we’ve all been the person who’s cared less. And you’re scared which is valid. Because loving someone new after having one – or multiple bad endings to relationships, is absolutely frightening.

Trusting someone else with your heart that’s already so bruised and worn is brave.

With this person though, you know it’s different. Even though you are fighting it with everything you have. But your hearts speak so fluently and your souls connect so effortlessly. The map on your heart leads to them.

So when this happens, when you meet someone who makes you feel like maybe loving again is worth the risk, you don’t let them go.

You see, you’re allowed to love again. Just give yourself the permission no matter what the outcome could be. Because it giving your heart this time could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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