Baby, Tell Me What You Want To Do To Me While Showing Me Who You Are

Don’t just talk dirty to me, tell me about your passions. What makes you want to get up in the morning? What makes you tick? Don’t just try to stimulate my body, try to stimulate my mind. Try to tell me things that will make my jaw drop in awe. Tell me things that will make me want to hear those dirty words you can whisper to me late at night.

Don’t just tell me what you want to do to my body, tell me what your hobbies are. Tell me what you like to do when you’re not working. Tell me what you think about world politics or that book you’ve been reading for the last month. Tell me what you want to do in the future. Tell me what you would do if you had unlimited free time.

Don’t just tell me how you want to tie me up, tell me why you want to tie me down. The kind of tie down that will see us together for a while instead of just another person for the night. I don’t want to just know how you want to explore your sexual prowess with me, I want to know what our future together could look like. I’ve done one night stands. I’ve done three week relationships. I now want to do long term with you.

Don’t just tell me how you want to kiss me everywhere, tell me how you’ll use those lips to make me feel loved. What’s your love language? How do you want me to tell you that I love and respect you? I want to know that your lips will say words I need to hear but also have the actions to follow them up.

Don’t just tell me your dirty secrets, tell me those secrets you keep close to your heart. You know those really painful ones you don’t really tell anyone? Yeah those are the ones I want to know. I want to know what happened to you in your past and how you overcame those challenges. I want to know you. Every little piece and every single memory.

Don’t just tell me you want to have sex with me, tell me about your family. I want to know if your parents are still together? Tell me what your childhood was like or how your sister did that really annoying thing when you were 10. I want to know who you trust and who you don’t.

Don’t just tell me I’m sexy, tell me why you spend your time with me. Tell me why, when we’re all busy in this world, you’ve chosen me to spend your precious few moments with. Why do you think we work well together? I know that when we’re in each other’s presence that we manage to get lost in our own world, I just want to know if you feel that same thing too.

Don’t just tell me about that thing you can do with your tongue, tell me about what you like to cook. Tell me what your favorite food is. Tell me if your mom or dad taught you how to cook or if you really prefer takeout. I want to know these trivial details because they make me more attracted to you. Knowing those things that make you who you are, make me want to see you naked.

I don’t just want to talk dirty to you. I don’t just want to talk about all the things I would let you do to my body or what I want to do to yours. Because even though I find you completely hot, it’s the person you are that makes me want to get naked with you.

So don’t just talk dirty to me, tell me about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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