One Day You’re Going To Find Someone Who Just Gets You


There’s something to be said about finding a person who gets you. There are books dedicated on how to find this person by using some sort of mind games or ones that specify what you to say to get said person to fall in love with you. There are movies upon movies about how when you’re not looking you’ll find the love of your life and they’re going to do crazy romantic things to win you over.

I always thought that’s what I wanted. I wanted the crazy romantic gestures. I wanted someone to do BIG spontaneous things for me and just be so head over heels for me that our life together is just one lifelong romantic comedy.

That’s not the way the world works and to be honest, I don’t want that anymore.

When someone gets you, knows every piece of your soul, that’s the truest form of the romantic gesture. They’re the shoulder to cry on when you’re having the worst day and they listen. They’re sexier when they’re lying next to you in bed, just talking to you about their passions versus in some form of formalwear waiting to take you to some crazy fancy ball. They’re the person you want to tell everything to whether it’s mundane, painful or life changing.

They’re exactly what you’ve been missing.

It’s amazing when you find someone who just gets you because you don’t have to try. I don’t mean that you can give up hygiene practices because everybody has to brush their teeth. I do mean that you don’t have to try to fit together. You just do. You don’t have to hide anything you thought you would need to. You can explode all over them with your feelings and they just smile. They smile because they’re so happy you’re opening up to them.

Finding that person is the same feeling as coming home. You just feel comfortable. You feel like you can relax and be who you really are. You feel a love like you’ve never known. That same feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you step foot at home, is the same feeling you get when you see this person look up at you when you’re just having coffee together. That’s a feeling you can’t replicate no matter how hard you try.

The person who really gets you will let you be whoever you’re supposed to be.

They won’t stifle you when you have a slightly crazy idea about a future career or goal. They will support you. They will pick you up when you feel as though you can’t do it anymore. They will be there to remind you of your hard work. They will be proud of you for trying and will be equally as proud if you decide that your idea isn’t going to work out after all. They just want you to be happy so they’ll support whatever it is you want to do.

There’s a lot you’re going to adore about this person but it’s not because they bought you flowers on a random Tuesday. You’re going to adore that they want what’s best for you. You’re going to adore that they feel comfortable enough to tell you anything. You’re going to adore them for who they are because they love you for who you are.

In this world it’s so easy to get caught up in what we think our partners should be doing for us instead of focusing on the amazing little things they do daily.

When someone just gets you it’s a love you’ve never experienced. While other’s have claimed to know you and your heart, the person that gets you actually does. They’re not afraid of your past or what you want for the future. They’re just happy to be in this with you right now.

There’s something to be said about finding someone who just gets you. There’s really nothing like it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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