Wait For A Man Who Is Worth It

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We’ve had our hearts broken one too many times before. We all had our fair share of broken trusts and broken vows. We once swore to never love again, to never open our doors for someone who will hurt us again but every now and then we still break some rules because no matter how we think about it, being loved in return is still the most amazing thing a man can do for us. Being loved is still the best feeling and no matter how we deny the fact that in the end, we’ll have our hearts broken again we still choose to love again.

We all had our restrictions and standards when it comes to a man we will love, we believe in the phrase “ never settle for anything less”, but sometimes a perfect man doesn’t drive a sports car or has a higher market value. The perfect man is the one who respects you, who won’t lie to you and it doesn’t matter what car he drives as long as he’s the real deal.

People always say wish for a perfect man and he’ll come to you. But the truth is,

Wish for a man who is worth it, save your heartbreak for the man that’ll break your restrictions because if he’s worth it he’ll never break your heart. He’ll never let you cry. Yes, relationships are messy, it’s supposed to be messy that’s the way it is. But it will be worth it if the man you’re with is worth it.

Wish for a man who is worth all the trouble, wish for a man who will do what he says. If he says he’ll call, he will. He makes promises and keeps it. He won’t make you worry; he’ll do all the worrying for you.

Wish for a man who is worth the risk, if the going gets tough he won’t leave you hanging, he won’t give you up for a better life because he sure knows that the life with you will be better than the “better life” without you. He might not know what exactly you feel but he understands and tries to work all the issues. He’ll be the bigger man to resolve a few misunderstandings and useless jealousy.

Wish for a man who is worth the sacrifices, wish for a man who fills your heart and soul with happiness and love. You’ll know you’ll be miserable with some else. Save your heart for the man that can’t move mountains but are willing to cross it for you.

Wish for a man who is worth a thousand wishes, wish for a man who is ready for you, who will let you love yourself first so that when you love him you have the best version of yourself.

Wish for a man who is worth the break, wish for a man that’s not perfect and flawless. He makes himself real in all aspect of his being. Don’t ask a man to make you his world, wish for a man to be a world full of passion not only for you but other things that can make him happy. Wish for a man to be independent, who is man enough to cry because he’s brave enough to show weakness.

Wish for a perfectly imperfect man, a real man that will rise to your standards because he knows you are worth it. TC mark

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