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Here Is Each Sign’s Comprehensive December Horoscope For 2020

We have made it to the last round of 2020, a time to put everything that was learned to the test because Saturn is about to exit Capricorn and enter its two-year transit in the sign of Aquarius. For many of us, 2020 has been a tough year, and we have been put through trials with all of these transits. Now as we get closer to the end, we are deep into eclipse season in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, the beginning of more eclipses to come with this Mutable duo. The month begins with the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini from November 30, impacting us for the next several weeks (or months). The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th will have us all wanting to pursue some spiritual topics. We will be in touch with our higher mind and be motivated to learn. Sagittarius is the teacher for some and philosopher to others. It can be a jester at heart, but it is a sign that is inclined to pursue the realm of philosophy. Expect a month of reflection, even when Venus enters Sagittarius on the 15th. What we value will be analyzed, as well as how we view our own self-worth. On the 17th, Saturn leaves Capricorn and begins its reign in Aquarius. Cardinal signs will rejoice while Fixed signs prepare. Things get slightly more interesting when Jupiter enters Aquarius on the 19th and both planets conjoin on the 21. This conjunction is a transit filled with growth, optimism, and enthusiasm for succeeding—an excellent energy needed to enter the year 2021. The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st as well, giving a serious tone to the end of the month. Everything will close out with the Full Moon in Cancer on the 29th. It will be an intense period, but it is appropriate to have the peaceful, nurturing, and caring energy of the Moon in Cancer ready to bid adieu to this intense and challenging 2020.

Aries – As a Cardinal sign, you are most likely excited that we have made it this far. With Mercury moving into Sagittarius on December 1, you are ready to let the world know just how you feel, and with the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini still in play, there is no biting of the tongue for you. Remember not to be too blunt, even if you are in the right. This month is about patience. The Empress appears in your reading for the month, a reminder to not be afraid to tap into that divine feminine energy that you might have neglected. This is a period of healing and devoting time to forgive yourself. The Solar Eclipse on the 14th in Sagittarius will leave you feeling quite inspired to pursue your goals and dreams. As a fellow fire sign, you resonate with the lessons here as you set off to plan what new things you feel like learning for the upcoming new year. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 15th, making you fall in love with ideas, education, and new philosophies. This is a spiritual energy that is all about bringing peace, with hints of optimism. On the 17th, Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, alleviating those tough times for you as you can now focus on transforming your personal connections and friendships for the next several years. Jupiter will also be changing signs on the 19th, allowing an easier flow when it comes to your view and general outlook. Finally, a major event will be the Full Moon in Cancer on the 29th. This is a time to meditate, focus on what is to come, and bring more harmony to the home. That Empress energy will follow you through the New Year.

Taurus – December will have you reflecting and analyzing your next steps. A lot will happen this month that will impact you for the next several years. One of the major shifts for Fixed signs is the transit of Saturn and Jupiter both enter Aquarius on the 17th and 19th. As a Fixed sign, this upcoming Saturn transit will be one that will help you evolve. With Uranus already in your sign, you are in for a lot of changes that lie ahead for the next several years. The Solar eclipse on the 14th is going to set the tone for what you will be focused on in the next few years. Your work ethic will be tested, but this will not be stopping you as long as you understand your limits. On the following day, the 15th, Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius also moving your focus to self-care and changes in your health routine. 2021 will have you driven and in top shape. On the 20th and 21st, Mercury and the Sun enter the sign of Capricorn, which is an enlightening transit for you as you prepare to take a course you have been interested in or learn more about subjects in school. Either way, you are in it for some growth and understanding. In December, you are The Star, a very Aquarian card that can also relate to the changes currently happening to your sign. All your work and effort will be taken into account. Things might be shifting quickly, but you should just take things as slow and steady and remember to breathe in when things are beyond your control.

Gemini – Geminis will be in awe as the Full Moon eclipse on the 30th of November does some numbers on your sign. This is not a bad thing; eclipse season is transformative and enlightening. It can even feel spiritual during this season, especially with Mercury entering Sagittarius on the 1st. It is a time of introspection and analysis for you. Letting go of the past will also be in your plans. You are seeing the opportunities that are presented in your horizon, especially when the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius happens on the 14th and Venus enters the same sign on the 15th. Lots of potential and growth, lots of romance and exploration. This is a month that will surely keep you on your toes. Saturn and Jupiter change signs on the 17th and 19th, another major moment as you see fellow Air Signs taking the helm now with this major transit. This period is going to make you question your beliefs, ambitions, and goals. It is a challenge, but it will be worth it as you set your sights for greater things once it is over. Six of Pentacles appears in your reading, a sign you will be imparting some valuable pieces of knowledge to those around you. Sagittarius season will be a time for learning and discoveries, so it is only fair you share your wisdom with others.

Cancer – The King of Wands Reversed is in your reading for the month, a sign you need to keep your eyes on the prize. The last two years have probably worn you down, but you have grown and felt more empowered by it, like your other fellow Cardinal signs. On the 30th of November, the Full Moon in Gemini will serve as a reminder that you need to recharge your batteries and if that didn’t settle in the first time, the Solar Eclipse on the 14th in Sagittarius will be another reminder to take things easy and make changes to your habits. On the 17th and 19th, Saturn and Jupiter will finally leave the Cardinal grip and enter the Fixed sign Aquarius. You will probably be feeling the excitement around that time because these planets are no longer in Capricorn and they will not be in aspect to your sun, moon, or rising. Your focus now will be on working through letting go of the past, but you have the mindset to continue to fight and succeed in what you set your sights on. Mercury and the Sun enter Capricorn on the 20th and 21st, making you feel more relationship focused during this time. You might want to reconnect with friends or an ex-lover or start a new romance. One transit that will keep you on your toes will be the Full Moon in your sign on the 29th. This will be a closing of a chapter that was probably initiated a few years back or earlier in the Summer. Either way, it is a reflective period where you will see how much you have changed and who you have become.

Leo – It is eclipse season and this upcoming one on the 14th in Sagittarius will be a beautiful one for you. It will be a time for reconnecting or initiating some new romances if you are single. On the 15th, magic will be in the air for you as Venus also enters the sign of Sagittarius, and it would not hurt to have a little fun by either treating yourself or just doing Venus-related things like a spa day or just resting. The King of Pentacles is your card for this month, in command and in control. Fixed signs will be looking forward to the 17th and 19th of December, as Saturn finally changes back into the sign of Aquarius. You have already experienced a bit of what Aquarius had in store for you back in the Spring. We will now be experiencing this transit full time until 2023, so expect the next couple of years to be very crucial for you. This is the evolutionary period for your fellow fixed signs. The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, a time that will briefly echo the Saturn in Capricorn transit. You will be focused on work and taking care of yourself and might even think back to what you have gone through in the last few years. The nostalgic period is amplified when the Full Moon in Cancer graces us on the 29th of December. A perfect way to close the year with this beautiful water sign, giving us a calming peaceful energy that is needed as we enter the new year.

Virgo – With the Page of Cups as your card for the month, you are entering an exciting phase. Saturn in Capricorn has brought things down a bit for you when it comes to your romantic life. If you are single, this will be the time where you can start to meet new people. Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius on the 17th and 19th and will meet up for an epic conjunction on the 21st, the same day the Sun enters Capricorn. You might feel starry eyed and ready to take the plunge because everything will be rosy-colored for you now that you are free from the ties of Saturn in Capricorn. The Solar Eclipse on the 14th will be pivotal for you, as you will experience changes in your immediate environment as well as school or work. No need to be afraid—changes are needed to help us evolve into our next kick ass form. The last year has been a challenge for everyone, and you have worked through it all with patience that has made you stand out to those in charge. Keep up the good work. If you have slacked, this will be a good time to redeem yourself. Overall, the month is filled with many opportunities for work and success, especially now that Saturn will be in Aquarius. On the 29th, the Full Moon in Cancer will bring you a happy vibe as you can spend time with friends and family over Zoom or if you are already living with them, you can experience a joyful time together this holiday season.

Libra – The Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th will be a doozy for you and fellow air signs. You can feel the changes in the air as we all get ready for the big planet Saturn to move into new waters. With Justice Reversed as your card for the month, you are ready to experience those karmic conclusions, and this Full Moon will be eye opening for you. The Solar eclipse on the 14th will make you more communicative, allowing you to reach out to people and being in your chatty element. This is a great time for creatives to set new goals and begin some fun projects for the next six months. On the 15th, Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius as well, giving you more of an imaginative boost, masked in romance. You will be able to charm anyone during this time. Major changes with Saturn and Jupiter will begin on the 17th and 19th when the giants change signs into Aquarius. You will be dancing with joy since things will no longer feel as stressful compared with the Capricorn transit. This can be a period where you might begin to feel a bit more relaxed. The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on the 21st, will have you feeling emotional about the people and relationships in your life—in a good way. Expect to feel appreciative and just an overwhelming sense of contentment. The month ends with the Full Moon in Cancer, illuminating your career house, and you will see the results of your efforts around this time.

Scorpio – A momentous time for you will be the Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer on the 29th, which will serve as an empowering time where you get ready to make choices that will transform you for the next several years. With the Knight of Cups in your reading for the month, it will be a time for lighthearted moments and romance. You are in a very relaxed state, even with the Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Gemini on November 30th, making you wonder how to make more empowering moves that will benefit you financially. This energy follows through towards the next Full Moon transit at the end of the month. Mercury entering Sagittarius on the 1st has you thinking about making money moves, and you will not be afraid to jump into terrain you were not accustomed to before when it comes to learning new things. The Solar eclipse on the 14th in Sagittarius will also provide that sense of empowerment as you set your intentions now for a more prosperous New Year. On the 15th, Venus enters the fire sign Sagittarius as well, boosting your confidence and making you carry that boss energy. The big shifts will happen on the 17th and 19th when Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, respectively. This will affect your sign because these two planets are no longer in Cardinal but Fixed territory. Expect your shift in values and home for the next several years, as Saturn will restructure everything around you.

Sagittarius – So close! You can feel Saturn slowly leaving the sign of Capricorn because you might have felt your finances suffering a bit. The good news is that Mercury will be entering your sign on the 1st, giving you the mental prowess to solve problems, be charming, and stress people out with your words. Remember not to be too harsh and to practice a little diplomacy. Luckily, Venus enters your sign on the 15th, adding that charm and passion into your demeanor, making your words feel like honey. The Five of Cups appears in your reading, showing that you need to stop being a downer and focus on the good times. Of course, you would never let others see just how much anxiety you can have, since you give off the nonchalant vibes. This New Moon Eclipse on the 14th continues your evolutionary stage, so chill out and do not let that Full Moon in Gemini keep you nervous, just continue to focus and handle your business. On the 17th, Saturn enters Aquarius, and you might feel a sigh of relief. Your focus now for the next couple of years will change to other things pertaining more to communication and not your wallet. Jupiter will be in Aquarius on the 19th, initiating a very enlightening period for you, as you will most likely tap into your higher mind and spiritual pursuits for most of 2021. You will be right in your element.

Capricorn – This is a huge month for you, since we enter your birthday season. Your ruler will also be leaving your sign later this month. It begins with Mercury in Sagittarius on the 1st, an interesting counterpart to the Full Moon in Gemini on the 30th. The themes with these two revolve around you taking care of yourself if you have been neglecting it. With the Five of Swords as your card for the month, you might feel drained by conflict, so this would be the perfect time to focus on creating peace and practicing diplomacy. Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius on the 17th, a time where the pressure starts to slowly leave you. Now you can focus more on restructuring yourself after this Saturn transit in your sign for the last several years. On the 20th, Mercury enters Capricorn, and you will be inspired and motivated to take charge with what you say and do. The Sun will also enter your sign the following day, reenergizing you after what might have felt like a brief slumber. Finally, the month closes with the Full Moon in Cancer on the 29th, where you will devote your energies to your partnerships and appreciating the people in your life who are there for you. Rest up and have a happy December!

Aquarius – One of the major events this month will be Saturn entering your sign on the 17th, and Jupiter will follow right behind it on the 19th. This month will be transformative for everyone, and you will begin your new journey for the next few years. You already got a taste of what Saturn in your sign has to offer earlier in the year, and now you get to experience it. Seeking answers, learning about yourself, and finding some new philosophies will be major themes for your sign in the next few years as shown with the Page of Wands Reversed. You will have to search deep inside to learn and truly understand yourself. Luckily, Jupiter will provide some healing qualities for most of 2021. Other notable events this month for you will be the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th. This is another eclipse that will open your eyes on how you view the collective. Venus will also enter the sign of Sagittarius on the 15th, a time where you can feel extremely passionate for a cause or you might just want to fall in love. This holiday season will be packed with fun and notable moments that will make you appreciate the circle of friends you have. This eclipse will let you know who has your back and who does not.

Pisces – Your card for the month is the Six of Swords, depicting that this is a transitional phase for you as 2021 approaches. Saturn will now apply some pressure, since it will be in your house of dreams and secrets for the next few years. 2021 will begin your period of patience and focus. This is a meditative and contemplative time, and 2020 has strengthened you up just for this moment in time. The Full Moon in Gemini was on November 30th, but the energies will still be felt through this month. Topics pertaining to your home will pop up—you might feel inspired to make changes around your immediate environment by decorating and making some home improvement changes. On the 14th, the New Moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, and Venus also changes to Sagittarius on the 15th. During this time, all eyes will be on you, so make the best of it as you capture the attention of mentors, teachers, and/or bosses. This can be a time where you receive praise for the work you have done so far. Something we have all been looking forward to is Saturn entering Aquarius once more on the 17th and Jupiter changing signs on the 19th. With Jupiter in Aquarius, you can feel a healing and spiritual vibe that will set the tone for 2021. Remember, you are ready for this just before Saturn enters your sign in 2023. You should feel the excitement towards the end of the month with the Full Moon in Cancer, bringing some life to your house of creativity and adding depth and joy to the end of the year.

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