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What Eact Zodiac Sign Can Expect From September’s New Moon In Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo on September 17th will inspire us to be patient, grounded, and driven. We need the slow down of the Earth planets, and although this is not favorable for Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter will be a lot more receptive. We can push ourselves with this transit to become better, to focus more on ourselves, to focus on others and just generally improve. We will be guided to be more organized and prepare for the unexpected. This Virgo New Moon will help us create a new chapter that will be meaningful for us, taking us into 2021. We will not have the dreamy sense of the Full Moon in Pisces, but we will have the energy needed to feel motivated and to charge on with a practical mindset and much needed focus.


A focus on yourself will be essential during this transit, especially to the Aries who have been neglecting any sleep or relaxation periods. If you have felt burned by Saturn and/or Mars, this is your opportunity to recharge, get settled, and then get ready to power through until the 29th when Saturn goes direct. The New Moon wants you to feel at your best and to tap into those energy levels you have not been able to reach since early June. Take things easier now because the road ahead will be more challenging.


All of this beneficial Earth sign energy can only mean that this period will be a time where you get focused and ready for what Saturn has to bring to you. There can be joy and inspiration during this New Moon for you, but you are well aware that nothing will come easily without putting in the effort. Luckily, this transit has a favorable trine to Saturn, getting you motivated as well as your creative juices flowing. Set your intentions for what you would like to expect in the next six-month period, because right now, you have the vision needed and all you have to do is put things into action.


The focus for you this transit will be on what you accomplish in the long run as you become more motivated to plan for your future. This New Moon will bring comfort to you in your home as you settle in your own energy or will feel the need to reconnect with family. Expect some nostalgic moments, but also you will set your sight on greater things for the next several months. You could feel lost now, with pressures relating to your esteem as well to the material. A more optimistic approach might be taken during this transit, getting you motivated to achieve even when you might feel the Saturn block.


Expect to be highly inspired and to rekindle with your creative energy during this transit. This can ease the tensions or blocks you might have felt with others. The New Moon in Virgo makes you more willing to listen and you will not have any problems vocalizing your stance on things. You will have your eyes set on greater things after this transit, motivating you to push yourself to new limits that will help you expand.


You are prepared to put a focus on more practical goals with this transit. Here you are learning to be more mature and patient when it comes to yourself. This will be an eye-opening transit for you as it fills in those gaps with issues you thought you might have resolved but still need to work on. Trust yourself and your abilities when it comes to expanding on the material. You are working hard with Saturn in Capricorn and becoming more knowledgeable with Mars in Aries. The New Moon will help you use what you are learning to cultivate into more fruitful things for the long run.


A transit that will be extremely memorable to you with all the trines to the Capricorn planets in transit now. You are going to feel exceptional this period with insights and knowledge that will help you move forward. As an Earth sign, you will benefit from this energy, since it will have you going slower but doing things the right way, with less mistakes and more time for improvement. You will set your goals high here as you begin a new journey that will push you to your next stage.


You are preparing for your season to enter in less than a week’s time. This New Moon transit highlights the past and prepares you for the future. A lot of your energy might be on how to improve yourself, so if you have felt exhausted or drained, this would be the perfect time to recharge those batteries. Expect a very calming effect and an inspiration to renovate and make some improvements at home with this positive trine to Saturn in Capricorn.


With this New Moon energy, you might experience a sense of support and boost in morale from those around you. With clearer eyes on the prize since Venus is transiting your sign, you might feel confident enough to tackle challenges in your day-to-day or work routines. The New Moon will push you to plan more accordingly—be more prepared and to excel beyond other people’s expectations. You are unstoppable now and you might see how people gravitate towards you a little more now.


Power and control comes to mind with this transit. The New Moon in Virgo has you seeking your place in the world and will have you fighting for some recognition. You are in the zone now, working hard until the end of the year, seeing your hard work paying off. The stresses you might feel from the Saturn transit will dissipate and you will no longer feel held back from fear. Express yourself and do not be afraid to dream during this New Moon.


You have settled into this energy so far during this Virgo Season, and this New Moon will luckily be somewhat favorable to you, even if you still battle with the harsh Mars transit. This New Moon you will be more willing to embark on a new adventure that both empowers and guides you. Prioritize what needs to get done and consider where you would like your goals to align for the future. Mars is pushing you, but with Saturn, it will feel you are not advancing. This transit adds a little drive and luck to you, since it will feel as if not all is lost. Your hard work will soon pay off.


With the New Moon in Virgo, you are in a position to take on more challenges and find solutions to things that have been holding you back. This is a time to ask yourself about the things you value and what you can do to maintain or increase your stability moving forward. You will be diving in deep this transit as you continue to find a sense of clarity through the fog. The grounding you seek and need will be provided to you for this period.


This New Moon in your sister sign is ready to take you on to the next level of your 2020 journey. It’s a reflective period to get to know yourself better, as well as your aspirations for the future. The power dynamics you have with others will be changing as you feel more grounded and settled with yourself. The trine this moon has with Saturn is perfect for getting things done, being more ambitious, and seeing optimism in the harshest of times through hard work and effort.

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