What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Venus’s Retrograde In Gemini

Venus in Gemini will be an eye-opening experience for many Geminis and mutable signs. What makes this transit special is that this planet will be going retrograde. Venus enters Gemini on April 3rd, 2020 but it goes retrograde on May 13th, 2020 and Direct on June 25th, 2020. The last time Venus was Retrograde was in 2018 in the sign of Scorpio. To those who were paired up at the time might have remembered the anxiety and tension surrounding us all. We dug deeper with Venus retrograde in Scorpio; we analyzed and discovered parts of ourselves that were tied to pain. Trust issues came to light and our own relationships were tested. The cracks in these relationships were magnified during the retrograde period. Relationships built on honesty and trust flourished, adding a dynamic passion that only Scorpio can grant. Now, the year is 2020 and most of the world is either practicing quarantine or isolation, which leaves many people left with communicating either through the phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc. Venus in Gemini thrives with communication, so this will be a new way to understand where you are in relationships, what you are looking for in a partner. It will push people outside of their comfort zones to speak their truth and be more adamant about what they want. Venus in Gemini will force us for changes to be made, the mysteries will be exposed and the anything built on a lie will fall apart immediately. Instead of paranoia, we will have the need to move on from what does not serve us without holding grudges. Real connections made now will be eye opening, showing us another side to ourselves. After the Retrograde period, we will see the magic in words which will create the foundation needed for honesty and trust to flow.

Aries – For many Aries, your birthday season will be jampacked with surprises and this Venus transit will be no different. You will be comfortable with this transit because you understand the value in communicating. This will prompt you to want to establish new connections and Venus here will rekindle some older ones that were lost. During the retrograde period, it might feel like Déjà vu when people from the past make their reappearance and you are able to engage with them through social media. You may even be more forgiving towards others, or your words will be stinging more than usual. Think before you speak or write. Remember to take a break because those Cardinal transits in Capricorn will persist in exhausting you for most of the year. Do not unleash the fury, but keep it contained and enjoy Venus for the most part.

Taurus – You are Venus ruled, so you will not have many qualms about this transit. You might appreciate the wonders of Venus when it enters Gemini and might be motivated to give yourself some love in the form of material things. Try to be mindful of how much you spend, especially when Venus goes Retrograde because this will be a period of reevaluating what you are worth. Take this transit as a lesson that the material is not forever and there is greater wealth in knowledge and faith. Learn to spark that faith in yourself, because you have the ability to manifest the happiness you desire.

Gemini – A big transit for Gemini Suns and Risings since it will shape how you view relationships. This will be a learning experience for the young and a karmic one for those who are in their 20s and beyond. You will understand what changes you need to make in order to improve how you relate to others. It will motivate you to create stronger ties and help to build a more concrete future (this applies to Geminis in relationships or who are currently dating). You and Sagittarius will reminisce about the ghosts from the past and some of them might make an appearance. Now you have the power to rekindle or cut the chord with someone that was a huge impact in your romantic life. Nevertheless, this is about finding your truth and learning to move on and break free.

Cancer – This Venus transit will be a double-edged sword for you; encouraging and exhausting. For the most part, you will feel the relaxing effects of Venus and the creative inspiration building. Here you will love the relaxing phase that it promises, the privacy of the love you hold and the comforts of your home. However, when Venus goes Retrograde, this can cause some paranoia to be unleashed. Lovers from the past might come to mind as you begin to fight suppressing those thoughts. You might reminisce and feel an array of emotions, from lust, joy, bitterness and anger. Make sure to ground yourself and go back to the pleasantries that Venus has to offer. Love yourself, Treat yourself and bring the love and focus back to you.

Leo – Like most fire signs, you might be ecstatic to deal with this transit. This is a mental reset, especially during these trying times when we ponder the condition of the world. Venus in Gemini will give you the escape with friends and loved ones. You will feel more connected thanks to social media. It will be a moment to learn who is there for you and who has your best interest at heart. However, you might also learn about those people who are not worth your energy. There will be people from the past who reappear, allowing you to close out any loopholes. You might even come to terms with forgiveness and reestablishing old bonds.

Virgo – Venus Retrograde might be a tough period for you as you dive deeper into your previous relationships and the recurring patterns you might see in them. Mutable signs will learn more about themselves during this transit. But this is a transit that will give you a sense of confidence that you might have been lacking. You will be put on the spotlight, but you will manage to fight through. There can be challenges when Venus goes Retrograde, but you can handle it. We will see your evolution during the retrograde period, as you apply what you have understood thus far and become the butterfly you have been longing to become.

Libra – Juno is currently retrograde in your sign and will go direct May 26th. You have learned or are learning what needs to be understood about love and connections. This Venus in Gemini transit builds upon what was learned but you might feel like you need to expound more. When Venus goes retrograde, this can become an obsessive quality where you might be focused on breaking free and letting go. But you are patient, so do not allow the impulsivity take over until everything is settled and Venus goes direct. With this transit, you can create magic because you know that there is hope for greater and better things in life that does not relate to just love. Here you find your strength and courage to make changes that will feel freeing and healthy for you.

Scorpio – Scorpios might reminisce about the hurts and pains from the past and this Venus transit will make you focus on a dear love while the Retrograde might bring up some old wounds. Many might still feel the sting from the last Venus Retrograde in your sign, but now, you have licked your wounds and have kept it moving. After all, Scorpios know how to bounce back stronger than before. For now, there can be an intensity building for someone in your life, but your own paranoia and fear will expose the flimsy foundation your current or potential relationship is built upon. Take this period to work on yourself, so that the future brings a more fluid connection not fueled by negativity and drama.

Sagittarius – This transit will create some conflicts for many Sagittarius risings because of the affinity that they have with Geminis. Like Geminis, you will learn a lot about yourself this transit and if you have been working on making changes in your life, even better. You will see parts of you mirrored and this retrograde period will force you to rework and relearn things. Some ghosts from the past might reappear, but these are just lessons that will help you grow. Sagittarius has gone through a lot of challenges in the last couple of years, but now will be a period of bringing you back to the basics of what makes you unique.

Capricorn – You are used to the energy that Gemini adds to your chart. Here it makes you the perfect worker, able to multitask and tackle on challenges. When Venus enters the sign of Gemini, doing double duty might be exciting for the short term, as you take on new projects that will add on to your work experience. However, the retrograde period might pose a bit of an obstacle for you as you rework some issues revolving projects that you need to refocus on. Your love for certain projects or jobs might end, you might be filled with doubt, but you should focus on taking it one day at a time. There can also be people from the past who you once worked with making their appearance in your life. Many will also want to expound on what their future looks like regarding their current workflow. Lots of questions will appear, but do not make any concrete decisions until Venus goes direct.

Aquarius – You will enjoy Venus in Gemini because it will spark some fun and it will have you bursting with creative energy. Many Aquarius are receptive to this energy which will be full of thrills until the planet goes Retrograde. This is when you might muster the energy to rework some projects you have. The retrograde period can also inspire some doubts in your abilities, and you might become frustrated as things do not pan out the way they have been expected. Learn to handle the criticisms with confidence and avoid adding additional pressures to yourself. Soon things will go back to normal when Venus goes direct.

Pisces – A Venus transit for you will mean lots of love, hope and joy as you get in touch with your roots. Those relationships from the past that have ended might reappear or you might dream back to a time when you thought things were good. During this transit, reconnect to what brought you happiness in the past and apply that for the future. If you have already built on your experiences and have created a more stable, encouraging and healthy environment for yourself, feel proud of what you have accomplished. The lessons learned now continue to inspire and motivate you for better. You are an optimist and after this transit, you will see the value of joy and make you hopeful for changes that are inspirational for the future.

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