37 Things You Don’t Need To Be Sorry About

1. Eating the last piece of bacon.

2. Telling someone how you feel.

3. Ordering something better than a well drink.

4. Watching the Olympics in hopes a swimmers speedo falls off.

5. Moving to advance your career.

6. Not returning a text sent past midnight.

7. Knowing the lyrics to any Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, or Disney Starlet song.

8. Talking about dating in front of children, especially if you’re gay.

9. Responding to emails too quickly.

10. Being proactive.

11. Posting articles that make people mad on Facebook.

12. Speaking in a French accent when saying French words.

13. Working too much.

14. Going on a date, not paying for it, and not calling back.

15. Openly crushing on people you may never meet.

16. Wanting to make more money, and then doing it.

17. Caring too much.

18. Not having sex as much as people expect or want.

19. Holding people accountable.

20. Yelling when you want to yell.

21. Hating New York.

22. Wanting to be a stay at home parent and not work.

23. Throwing paint on a canvas and calling it ‘art.’

24. Wanting to have a child in your twenties with the person you love.

25. Getting married in your twenties, if the government lets you.

26. Snoring on planes when you fall asleep.

27. Dating someone your ex kind of dated, but never got serious with.

28. Wanting to love someone, and being scared to tell them.

29. Having brunch on Sunday and then going to bed afterwards.

30. Forgetting “i” comes before “e” except after “c”

31. Needing a substance to get on a plane.

32. Making a mistake and not learning from it the first time.

33. Still being weird about your parents’ divorce.

34. Only getting your news from Twitter.

35. Being hung-over.

36. Screening your family’s calls and later saying, “I was really busy!”

37 Loving when you want to love, and not loving when you don’t care too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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