4 Beautiful Ways To Drown Out Your Inner Demons

We have all experienced those voices in our head, those emotions and feelings that cover us in a shadow of darkness and manifest into our lives: they are known as our inner demons.

It’s a battle that goes on inside all of us, whether it be our fears, sadness, anxiety, frustrations and disappoints tormenting us and preventing us from experiencing happiness, peace, love and hope. Just like with every battle there are two options: you can choose to hide from these demons and negative energies or you can choose to fight these demons and confront and conquer them.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the light in the tunnel especially when we are struggling with student debt, finding a job after graduation, and affording to put gas in your own car. We tend to compare ourselves and fall short to our very own expectations, and that is when we let our inner demons take over. We become negative beings with pessimistic thoughts, and feel that the world has gotten the best of us and so we lose all the strength to battle it. These inner demons inevitably start to lead us to insecurity, failure and unhappiness. But rest assured, that even in our most desperate and darkest of times, there will always be a light in which you will conquer the happiness you deserve.

1. Remember your dreams & ambitions.

Obstacles will come that will try to block you or send you off course, but realize that whatever it is, you can and will get through them. We all have that internal flame within us that overpower when we least expect them to and help us get through any situation. Find your ambition, find whatever motivates you and inspires you and don’t let it go. We all have dreams and goals that we wish to accomplish and just remember that the only way to attain them is to never forget about them and never give up, no matter how much we feel like giving up.

2. Stay strong & fearless

Derive all the strength you have and fight for what you want. You CAN do this, but putting your head down and letting your negative demons take over will not get you far. Remember that your only fears are the ones that you give yourself so don’t hold yourself hostage by clinging on to your same old fears and anxieties. Your fears can be your very own trap or prison, holding your happiness and dreams out of your reach.

3. Stay positive.

Focus on being optimistic and learn to expect the best in life. Our inner demons prey on our weaknesses, so the more powerful we feel the easier it is to defeat those negative inner emotions. You will lead yourself to success when you start to focus on the positives rather than on the negatives. Focusing on all the bad things in your life and making yourself the victim in your own life story will only feed your demons and dig you deeper and deeper into your own hole.

4. Don’t settle.

We are all scared of what the future holds and the questions we ask ourselves sometimes trouble us and we so we rather not deal with them. Our inner demons such as anxiety, fear, and feelings of not being good enough, give us excuses to hold ourselves back from applying for that dream job, or jumping into a new relationship, or whatever it may be. So we stay complacent and we settle because dealing with these demons would mean facing our own weaknesses and insecurities. But without facing the uncertainties of the future, we will never be able to pursue our destinies; we will never be able to learn; and we will never be able to grow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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