What You’re Dreading Most About 2018, Based On Your Zodiac

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With 2018 comes a yearly transition that you dread because it means another year of waiting for something to happen. You’ve been told to trust fate all your life but it honestly feels like fate never has anything in mind for you. You do what you’re supposed to do. You work relentlessly, you do what you can to put yourself first, you balance friendships and families well, and yet you still feel stagnant. You still feel as if nothing big has happened and here you are, one year later and you can’t help but wonder if 2018 will bring the same empty package as the preceding years.

You’ve learned not to get your hopes up which is a safe thing to do in your book and yet you find yourself feeling disappointed despite this. Just remember, sometimes good things take time. You know this but sometimes you don’t believe it.


The general consensus with any New Year is change. The world around vows to change in someway. To change by improving themselves or removing a negative piece of themselves. Typically, this is a good thing but change is something you dread. And your fear becomes more and more apparent as we draw closer to 2018. If something isn’t broke, why fix it, right? But life isn’t perfect, you know this and you do your best to surround yourself in complete positivity but in order to grow as a human, it’s important to leave your comfort zone behind.

There is so much beauty in the world that you have yet to discover. Think of 2018 as an initiative to embrace change. It’s not a bad thing but it is inevitable. If you continue to look at change as a bad thing you will never be content with yourself and your life.


You love the company of others, and so the celebration of 2018 excites you. You look forward to it every year. Coming together with those that mean most to you and celebrating new opportunities, the chance to start again. But when the celebration is over, and everyone has gone to their respective homes, you will be alone. With yourself. And this is what you dread most. Change, in your mind, means that the people you are constantly with won’t be there with you all the time and you dread the idea of being alone. You won’t be alone for the entirety of 2018 but the small moments where you will be is something you dread.

Remind yourself that it is important to be alone. It’s important to be with just you. It’s nothing to dread. Perhaps, take 2018 as the opportunity to get to know yourself as an individual. Not as a part of a duo with your best friend, or as a good sibling to your brother or sister, but as an individual of the world.


Humans are social animals. However, you Cancer, are quite the contrary. You enjoy being in the comfort of your own world. New Years, in your opinion, is just a celebration you feel that you have to force yourself to attend. A day where you won’t be able to stay in and watch your favorite movie, or start that new book you’ve been dying to read. It is a day where you have to interact with others. And in the year to come, instead of inviting the opportunity to meet new people, you dread it.

It’s great that you feel comfortable being with yourself. This is something that a lot of other people can’t say for themselves, but in order to grow you need to welcome others into your world. With new acquaintances comes new ideas to hear, new perspectives to consider, and perhaps a new movie recommendation.


Change has never conflicted you. You embrace change unlike any other. In fact, 2018 is just a great opportunity to go out and meet new people. Welcoming the new year in the most spectacular way possible. But, while you love the chance to experience new things and meet new people, what fills you with dread is whether or not those people you are meeting are good for you. Will they stab you in the back? Are they as true as they initially seem to be? Will they be as loyal to you as you are to everyone else.

You trust so easily because you automatically expect the best from everyone. How anyone is capable of being a bad person, you don’t know but if a person is a negative aspect of your life, your faith in people is harmed. Will everyone in 2018 be as positive and loyal as you are?


You always strive and push yourself to experience the world in new ways but in the end, you let your self-doubt get the best of you. You dread the New Years because while everyone sees the chance to do better, you see failure. You see your future and you see yourself trying to make something happen and you see that something falling apart before you.

Even worse, you want to help everyone but you fear that in your pursuit to lend a hand, all you’ll do is make everything crumble. Your constant self doubt and fear of failure is self deprecating and every year, it chips away at you more and more.

In 2018, remember that failure is a requirement. Embrace failure because it will only help you to grow stronger If you allow it to, failure will help you become more sure of yourself.


You love peace. You love living life with as little turmoil between you and others as much as possible. Even turmoil between two people you care about makes you feel distraught. In 2018, you fear that people’s desire to change will cause tensions or conflict. You involve yourself too much in conflict and must learn what battles are worth fighting and which ones aren’t. Start taking your energy and putting it towards something more beneficial. Don’t tire yourself trying to keep the peace. Not everything is going to be perfect all at once and that’s okay.

2018 is not going to be a year of peace, just like 2017 wasn’t, and 2016 wasn’t. No year will ever be perfect so don’t stress if you feel at a loss of control over the worst.


Unwavering. Impossible to breach. You are convinced of your ways and you have absolute confidence in your abilities. This is not a bad thing, but while you see 2018 as your chance to change the world and initiate change, what horrifies you is the possibility that not everyone will be for the same things as you. That other people may, dare I say it, disagree with you. To you Scorpio, there is only one right answer and the viewpoints of others is ignorance.

You hate when people disagree with you or try to convince you otherwise. But you need to realize that it isn’t weakness to change your opinion. Open mindedness is a strength. Remember that. Perhaps, learning to gaze through the eyes of another will help you open your heart.

Don’t be so set in your ways. Don’t be so unwilling to change what you believe. No one is perfect and you are no exception. It’s a good thing to be able to accept new information. It makes people more willing to work with you.


Life is worth living. You seize every single day with such unmatched strife, it’s inspiring. However you know that one day, there will come a year in which you will have to settle down. A year where you won’t be as free to do whatever you want. Perhaps 2018 is that year you ask yourself. What if 2018 is the year where the excitement and unpredictability of life comes to an end? The year where you are finally constrained?

I know these thoughts scare you but whether you fear, commitment in your career, in your love life, in a friendship, don’t look at as a constraint. See these things as a new adventure. A new opportunity in life to discover parts of life you never knew existed. The excitement of life will never die, it will only die if you let it die. Uncharted territories will always welcome you at every turn.


Another year gone by means another year lost. Time is passing by and now you have less of it to get done what needs to be done. Capricorn, you’re always working. Always building your career. Always pushing yourself to the top as if there is some type of deadline you have to meet. The only deadline in life is death but for you that is not the case. You are constantly racing time to get as much done as soon as possible. You understand the notion that success takes time but you figure you can lessen the time it takes by always staying ahead.

On December 31st, at 11:59 p.pm., as you join the rest of the world in counting down to 2018, with each passing second, your dread will only grow more and more. “10, that’s a lost second. 9, I’m falling behind. 8, I need to get back to work. 7, there is so much to do. 6, I should be working harder…” You tell yourself you’ll take a break when you’ve finally accomplished everything, but that is not how life should be lived. You must enjoy all of it all the time, take a moment to ignore the seconds and smell the roses of life.


Eventually, there will come a time where all the responsibilities that you’ve run so desperately from will come crashing down. You will no longer be able to sweep your problems under the rug. These problems will become apparent, but because you refused to deal with them at their conception, the burden has only grown larger. And in 2018 you fear that the problems you have avoided have grown so large that you are incapable of solving them. That this monster of an issue will be the thing that destroys you and your opportunities.

Nothing will destroy you. No issue will be large enough to keep you down forever. Let’s get that straight. Yes, it will be harder for you to solve your problems because you decided to procrastinate and put them off but it won’t be impossible for you to overcome this. Get creative, find the motivation, and get to work.


You have a lot of creativity and energy to offer the world but you continuously hold onto any sort of negativity in life. Poisons friendships, an abusive significant other, self-doubt. That negative energy has only hindered your abilities and you won’t allow yourself the chance to give something to the world. In 2018, you dread the idea that this will be another year where progress will be put on hold. You dread the idea that what you have to offer will never see light because so much of yourself is holding you back. You dead your biggest obstacle to overcome, yourself.

This year, step out of your own way because you will find catharsis in your abilities and your ideas. Set yourself free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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