28 Signs You Grew Up In South Dakota


1.  You’ve jumped on more hay bales than trampolines.

2.  Your closest “neighbor” lives just two miles down the road.

3.  Your Facebook News Feed in the winter is overrun with pictures of thermometers reminding you how cold it is.

4.  You know at least one person from nearly every high school within a 60 mile radius of where you went to high school.

5.  When someone says East vs. West, you don’t think East Coast vs. West Coast, you think East River vs. West River.

6.  The only main traffic you encounter is the occasional slow moving tractor along the highway.

7.  Your past family vacations consisted of going to The Corn Palace, Mt. Rushmore, and Wall Drug.

8.  You’re not only in danger of hitting deer on the road; you’re also in danger of hitting cattle on the road.

9.  T. Denny Sanford owns all the money and all the buildings, and is terribly uncreative at naming things.

10.  You drove some sort of a vehicle before you were 13 years old.

11.  Your chances of seeing a vegan is more unlikely than seeing a unicorn.

12.  Every NBA highlight on your local news includes Mike Miller or Nate Wolters.

13.  Taxis may or may not exist.

14.  You’ve drank with your high school teachers either while in high school or on a Thanksgiving Eve years later.

15.  It’s perfectly acceptable to walk around in shorts and a sweat-shirt when the temperature rises to 30 degrees.

16.  The only form of “public transportation” that you’ve used was the school bus.

17.  Coyotes and Jackrabbits are actually important animals.

18.  You can relate to almost any new person you meet, because you probably know someone that person also knows. (Forget the full 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, you only need one degree.)

19.  Hunting trips often consist of simply driving around dirt roads with a gun and a flash light.

20.  Schools don’t close on account of snow; they close on account of -40 degree temps and 10 foot snow drifts. (Also, if they did close, you’d be watching Price is Right with SD alum Bob Barker.)

21.  The local cops already know who you are when they ask you for your license and registration, and who your parents are.

22.  Your relatives constantly pester you on why you’re not married by the age of 20.

23.  You’ll have friends that complain about the fact that they are living there, but they’ll never actually leave.

24.  You don’t own a house key.  When you need to lock your doors you just leave your back door unlocked.

25.  SD stands for South Dakota, not San Diego.

26.  You’ve went to the capital in Pierre, and while you were there you saw more geese than politicians.

27.  You’ve seen the Wall Drug signs more than any person should in a lifetime (Still offering free tap water!)

28.  You know it’s better than North Dakota, and it drives you crazy when people get the two states mixed up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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