50 Guys Explain How Attractive Girls Completely Ruin Their Chances At A Serious Relationship

50 Guys Explain How Attractive Girls Can Completely Ruin Their Chances At A Serious Relationship

According to Ask Reddit, this is how you lose a guy.

1. By constantly explaining how her physical features were unattractive. My ex was a little overweight, but she went into details about every little thing she didn’t like about her appearance. I found her attractive, just couldn’t stand arguing about it with her.

2. Twice she made plans with me then called them off at literally the last moment for no good reason, then wanted to reschedule a third time. No flakes.

3. It’s happened with a few women, but when they’re super flirty with you one day then text you the next day asking for advice about another guy.

I get they’re doing that to make you jealous to get you to make a move, but nothing turns me off more.

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