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17 Real People Talk About Their Terrifying Experiences With Serial Killers And Mass Murderers

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Tony Ciampa
Tony Ciampa

Responses originally posted on Reddit


A good friend of mine knew a for-hire killer (aka an assassin)

He had a flat rate of $5,000 apparently, and passed on the greatest advice I’ve ever heard….

“Don’t ever lend anyone more than $5,000…because it’s cheaper to kill you than it is to pay you back”

— BKusser25


I’m currently a guard at ADX Florence, a supermax facility that only houses the worst of the worst and I have met many serial killers. I’ll share a story about each one just to give you a variety of their personality.

Inmate 1: Is doing life for rape and murdering over 17 people. Men women and children. He’s actually a very intelligent person and loves to have normal conversations. He will not speak to people who don’t read and/or seem like they are not smart. He doesn’t show any remorse for what he’s done and blames it on society for having such strict sex laws. When he gets to go outside he usually tries to talk to birds and insects.

Inmate 2: only killed 3 people but he was a bit more violent in his acts. He’s actually well below the average IQ level. He never committed rape with his victims but he got off sexually killing them. (Without any intercourse) He’s never got an erection except for killing and once when he was a kid. He talks in circles and is super hard to talk to. He also feels no remorse for what he did. He constantly talks about how satisfying it was to watch what he was doing. He blames his crime on his extreme case of erectile dysfunction that lead him to killing.

When he was a kid he got in a fight with a girl. During that fight he got an erection and never after that. He talks about having a GF and a wife that he couldn’t get turn on with. One thing led to another, he went to rape a woman and killed her prior to actually committing rape. When she died is when he ejaculated. It was downhill from there because he figured that was the only way to receive pleasure. He also misses his family deeply and wishes he could see them. He constantly mentions how badly it hurt that he hasn’t spoken a word to his family since he was arrested.

Inmate 3: was completely looney tunes and he was charged with over 19 murders although believed to have killed more. He was smart but in a weird way. He was into necrophilia, torture, and decapitation. His crimes were extremely violent and twisted. I didn’t spend much time getting to know him because of his crimes.

To further express his mental illness: he ate 3 of fingers and then swallowed 2 razor blades. He used a 3rd blade to cut open his stomach and took his fingers back out before they were digested. He decided he wanted to keep them. A few years later he tapped a hole through his skull and filled his brain cavity with a cleaner solution. He said he felt bugs running around his brain and wanted to kill them.

— Macnsal09

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