25 People On The Most Scream-Inducing Experience They Have Suffered Through

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1. A severed hand waved at me from my wardrobe

“When I was a kid, I once woke up in the middle of the night. Complete silence. I looked around the room and behind a wardrobe I saw a small hand waving at me.

It was like a kids hand, it was dark but I remember seeing it so clearly, I could see each finger. I started crying and screaming and my parents had to check my room few times before I would fall asleep.” — Andysaurus_Rexx

2. My girlfriend had gotten possessed in her sleep

“About 10 years ago, I had just started dating this girl I’d had a massive crush on. We were fresh out of high school, and her parents went out of town for a weekend. I was going to finally sleep in her bed with her, and I was amped.

I have a bit of trouble sleeping in a new place, so I was awake after she’d already knocked out. I tried to keep my eyes closed and let sleep come. Just I started to drift off, I heard a sound like scratching on wood, quick and getting faster. I opened my eyes and oriented myself again. It wasn’t scratching. It was whispering. And it was getting louder.

My girlfriend was rapidly whispering, ‘She is the devil in disguise she is the devil in disguise…’ I turned my head to look at her, and her eyes were wide open, looking directly at me, but glossed over, like she was looking through me. The whispering continued until she stopped mid sentence: ‘She is the devil in disguise she is the dev— He can’t help you.’

She closed her eyes and went rolled over, leaving me with a very ‘What the fuck…?’ feeling. I asked her about it in the morning, and she said she used to talk in her sleep a lot as a kid.

I still have no idea if she was messing with me or if she just had odd sleep habits.” — drewxdeficit

3. A teenage girl hung herself inside of the woods

“When I was growing up my friend told me a story that once when he was studying with his window open and said it was about 8pm he heard a faint scream in the distance that sounded like, ‘She’s dead’ coming from the woods near his house. Turns out next morning at school they told us a teenage girl hanged herself in the woods and that her friends had found her body last night while searching for her and that scream was her friend. Creepy shit.” — TheCheekiestChappy

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