Learn To Love Yourself Even When You’ve Messed Up

So, you messed up. Again. You made a mistake that you are now playing through your mind over and over. You sit in the silence and are overwhelmed by the guilt and shame of it all. And somehow, you’ve allowed your mind to convince you that no one else out there is making mistakes. No, it’s just you who, for whatever reason, can’t seem to get this whole life thing right.

It’s during these moments that I want you to take a step back and realize that you are okay. You are not alone. Every single person you pass by in the grocery store or sit by at the coffee shop or are stuck next to in traffic has also experienced similar shameful, guilty feelings that you are.

Because we are all human which automatically means we will mess up and fall short. Not just once or twice but time after time after time. And that’s perfectly okay. It’s how we grow and expand as long as we learn to deal with these valleys in the right way.

So, try and look at your slip-ups from an angle of self-compassion.  I don’t care what you did or how badly it hurt the people in your life or how much you just want to rewind time and have it not happen. The only thing you have control over now is how you react and move forward. Take responsibility for your actions. Apologize to whoever you hurt. Get help from outside sources if necessary. Reflect on why you did it and how you can avoid making the same mistake going forward.

But, do all of this while not berating your heart and filling your mind with negative self-talk. No, do all of this while practicing self-forgiveness and self-love. Be able to own up to what you did while not allowing what’s in the past to define you. Be able to acknowledge the heavy emotions flooding your body without letting them completely consume you.

We are all only doing the best we can, with what we have, where we are. So, be gentle with yourself and know that this too shall pass. You will make it through this, my friend.

~I’m on a mission to bring healing to this world~

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