Tess Dunn

I eat sushi like it’s a drug and ice cream for breakfast.

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Tess Dunn

I’m So Sorry For What I Did To Your Heart

Whenever I think of you, I think of the night we looked at the stars out of your rear windshield and talked, just talked. Whenever I think of you, it’s purely with fondness. Always, always fondness.

When You Remember Me, I Hope You Think Of This

I know you will forget me the way they always do. You will let me go as easily as you reeled me in. You will stop finding my hair in your room. You will wash me from your skin, and your sheets, and, ultimately, your memory.

What It’s Like To Fall In Love When You Have A Chronic Illness

You will not always understand. There will be times when I am going through something that you won’t even be able to fully comprehend, because my chronic illness is something you will (hopefully) never have to experience firsthand. You will feel frustrated when I retreat into myself.