7 First Date Ideas That Will Make You Look Cool

Going out to dinner or to the movies is fine, but if you want to make a lasting impression, then it’s time to get creative.


Even in the smallest of towns, there are tons of places you can go to volunteer. It’s not always fun to go alone and bringing a date can really up the experience. Giving back is a feel-good activity, and sharing that with a first date can make a great impression. Hit up the humane society (puppies!) or the local soup kitchen for a date neither of you are likely to forget.

Thrift shopping

On our first date, my boyfriend and I went to Goodwill. It sounds super lame, but it was actually the best first date I’ve ever had. We got to browse through all of the funky clothes, and by the end, we had both picked something super weird for the other person to wear.

There are tons of strange things look at a flea market or a thrift store, which can make for silly conversation. Plus, everything is pretty cheap, so if he/she finds something they actually like, you can buy it for them without hurting your wallet.


Cooking together can either be a great success or a huge disappointment, but there’s lots of room for creativity here. Browse some recipes and decide on something you both would love to eat, but have never tried to make on your own. It’s a fun way to work together and you should always have something to talk about (“What’s the best way to melt this butter?”). Best case scenario, you have a delicious meal. Worst case, you have something to laugh about and you can order a pizza instead.

Go outside

Some of the coolest dates I’ve ever been on have been outside. Hike a trail that not many people know about, pack a light lunch, and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. If hiking isn’t possible, then you can always go to a local park or walk around downtown.


Hear me out. Netflix is full of odd, goofy shows like Swamp People or Dance Moms. If you’re of age, you can probably come up with a pretty good drinking game to go along with it. Or just enjoy making fun of all the ridiculousness that is inherent with shows like these.


Even if you’re not the most artistic person in the world, there’s something fun about getting your hands on some brightly colored markers or messy paints. For example, you could take a trip to the craft store, buy some big pieces of paper or cheap canvases, and then attempt to draw or paint one another. Add in a bottle of wine and you’re bound to come up with something cool.

Board games

It’s easy to take a old-fashioned board game and make it more interesting, like playing Scrabble with only inappropriate words, or making up goofy rules to a traditional game of Monopoly. This helps bring out a little competition to keep things interesting, but also making it a more light-hearted date with the addition of strange rules or prizes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Saxon Campbell

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