13 Epically Petty Ways To Excommunicate Someone In 2016

Daniella Urdinlaiz
Daniella Urdinlaiz

1. Start a separate group chat without them in it. Le burn.

2. Send out an invite in the newly formed group text for a v exclusive banger at your place. Then Insta a pic of the hang with a caption like, “All my faves one room! [*sparkly heart emoji* *pop champagne emoji* *dolla sign* *dolla sign*]”

3. Delete their number (or just pretend to delete it), and next time they text you, hit ‘em wit a “new phone. who dis?”

4. Untag them from all your social media posts.

5. Untag yourself from their posts.

6. REPORT VIRTUAL ABUSE. Hi, hello, Instagram? Ya I’d like to report Shelly’s account for clogging up my feed with stupid shit. Thanks!

7. And if that’s too petty for your taste, just unfollow them on Insta. Nothing says “FAREWELL, FELICIA” like screwing with a fake friend’s followers:following ratio.

8. OR simply stop liking all their posts. Actively bypassing all their Instas will eventually send the “bitch I no long fuck witchu” message.

9. Tell them you’ve moved to Yemen. Don’t move to Yemen.

10. Mute them on Twitter and unfollow them on Facebook. You’ve silenced them and they don’t even know it.

11. Block them on Snapchat. Once your name disappears from their Snap story viewers for a couple weeks, they’ll probs *get it.*

12. …Before you do, though, throw a fat pregame, invite all their friends, and flood your story with obnoxious Snaps that make the (probably mediocre) event seem like DA TIME OF UR LIIIIIIIIIFE.

13. Mark their emails as spam. Old school. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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