28 Signs You’ve Finally Reached The Comfortably In Love Stage Of Your Relationship

Look Catalog / Coley Brown
Look Catalog / Coley Brown

1. When something is bothering you, you can address the issue pronto without worrying that you’re going to break up over it.

2. Because you’re secure enough in your relationship to know that bringing any issues to the surface will only bring you closer, once you talk them out.

3. Similarly, you can get into a fight without seriously fearing that THIS IS THE END. You know that even the healthiest couples argue from time to time.

4. If, for whatever reason, one of you isn’t in the mood to have sex, it doesn’t freak the other person out. You know that your libidos won’t always be in sync. It’s not awesome, but it’s life.

5. You don’t feel tempted to look through your significant other’s phone or obsessively check who’s liking/commenting on their Instagrams because you actually trust them that much.

6. You don’t think twice before calling each other “babe” (or whatever other not totally repulsive pet name you use) in front of your friends.

7. You always have at least one item of clothing at each other’s houses.

8. They know what you look like without makeup—blemishes, stray chin hairs, and all. You’re long past constantly beautifying yourself for them, and they love that.

9. You text each other’s closest family members (not like, regularly…but you’re def familiar enough to shoot them a “happy birthday!”).

10. You pee with the door open.

11. And you no longer run the sink water when you’re pooping.

12. You don’t get offended when they tell you you need some Listerine or deodorant. It’s honestly nice to get a heads up when you stink.

13. You do domestic chores for one another, like picking up each other’s dry cleaning.

14. You can’t say goodbye without saying “I love you” first.

15. …Not out of obligation, though. It’s just a reflex.

16. You don’t have to be pre- or post-coital to have a conversation naked.

17. Likewise, when you’re not wearing pants in each other’s company, it’s often not a sexual thing. You’re just lounging, comfortably.

18. You shave in front of each other.

19. You shop together frequently.

20. Also, when they’re in need of new socks or underwear, you pick them up a pair without having to ask for their size or brand preference.

21. Because you don’t need a reason to give each other little gifts.

22. You have keys to each other’s houses.

23. And you no longer clean up before they come over. They’ve accepted that you’re kind of a pig.

24. If something isn’t working for you in bed, you don’t hesitate to bring it up.

25. You pretty much always shower together.

26. Not just because it hasn’t lost its sexy novelty, but simply because it saves time (and water, you humanitarian, you!).

27. You haven’t necessarily made “lists,” but you know plenty about each other’s past partners/loves.

28. You know one another’s deepest fears, flaws, and insecurities, and you love each other all the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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