20 Women On The Body ‘Imperfection’ They’re Most Insecure About (Even Though It’s Totally Normal)

20 Women On The Body ‘Imperfection’ They’re Most Insecure About (Even Though It’s Totally Normal)

1. “My gigantic areoles. I’ve always wanted a tiny, dainty pair of nipples, like the kind you see in porn. But no—I got them jumbo nips.” — Liana, 21

2. “This one horrifying, pube-like chin hair that I’ve plucked from the SAME EXACT SPOT at least 300 times in my adult life. Sometimes, it’ll disappear for like two months, and I’ll be like, ‘YAAAS! I’m free!’ But eventually, that bitch always comes back.”— Jude, 27

3. “My outie vagina, hands down. I didn’t even know an ‘outie vagina’ was a thing (or that I had one) until my friend pointed it out in college. Now I feel like I’m walking around with cold cuts flapping around between my legs.”— Nan, 22

4. “Nose hair. My boyfriend and I were once lying in bed, heads almost touching, when he suddenly said, ‘You have nose hair, you know. I can see it.’ I was like, ‘…………’. He quickly retorted, ‘It’s hot, though! Don’t ever do anything about it.’ FML.” — Simone, 20

5. “Stretch marks. I know we all have them but like fuck those guys.” — Amelie, 23

6. “My stupid thin lips while we’re all living in a Kylie Jenner world. Screw your lip kits, THEY CAN’T HELP ME.” — Eileen, 29

7. “Butthole hair. Nothing more uncomfortable than when my waxer has to bend my legs behind my head to sheer my anus.”— Ola, 25

8. “My big ass ears. So floppy and decidedly NOT sexy. I feel like a very old, very wise Japanese grandpa.” — Maude, 25

9. “Adult acne. Like wtf, I graduated high school a decade ago and those assholes are still hanging out with me.” — Kelsey, 28

10. “My height, for sure. I’m 6’1”, which would be awesome if I were a guy or a model, but I’m neither. It’s really hard to date when you’re 6’1” and a female non-model.” — Lila, 21

11. “That weird chunk of armpit fat that will never go away.” — Justine, 30

12. “My muscular arms. It’s funny because they’re probably the thing I get complimented on most frequently, but I hate them. I know I sound like a total anti-feminist here, but they’re just mannish and unattractive.” — Sophie, 19

13. “Having to shave my fingers has never been pleasant. I have this recurring nightmare where my boyfriend proposes to me but, when he’s putting on the ring, he suddenly notices my bear-like hands, and he calls the engagement off. So yeah, I’d have to say my knuckle hair.” — Viva, 26

14. “I have super broad shoulders, and they suck. My mom tells me they make me look ‘statuesque,’ but I think they make me look like the Hulk.”— Bethenny, 17

15. “My gigantic, mountain-like excuse for a nose. You just can’t be a movie star with a schnoz like mine.”— Lauren, 22

16. “My curly hair. I’ve straightened it every day since I was 10, no matter what. I will not go out in public if it’s not straightened. Seriously. Rain is my worst enemy.”— Ana Cristina, 20

7. “Big feet. I’ve always felt like women’s feet should be small and cute, you know? Plus, stores always have size 6s on display—you never see Nordstrom advertising size 10 heels. So I try to tell myself that Paris Hilton wears a size 11, but it doesn’t bring much comfort to my ogre feet.” — Bernadette, 27

18. “Chronically dry skin that NO lotion or oil can repair—trust me, I’ve tried them all. I wish I could enjoy that freshly-shaved, buttery-soft legs feeling everyone talks about. But during the winter, I basically disappear into a pile of flakey, ashy skin.” — Alisha, 23

19. “My breast reduction scars. People don’t say much about them, but they make me weirdly insecure. Whenever I’m undressing in front of someone new, I’ll preemptively/reflexively say something like, ‘Don’t worry, they’re not from cancer or anything!’ Always a weird move.” — Heidi, 29

20. “This is kinda odd, but my biggest physical insecurity is my straight eyelashes. Like, they grow straight out of my eyelids, instead of all nice and curly. I curl them every day, even if I’m not wearing makeup or going to the gym. I can’t stand them.” — Eleanor, 18 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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