14 Reasons Why College Sweethearts Have The Strongest Relationships


1. You were, likely, each other’s first real, wild loves. The novelty’s yet to fade.

2. You navigated the impossible landscape of college hook-up politics together, and somehow, your relationship survived. Kudos!

3. …Seriously, you’ve endured some of the most anxiety-ridden, confusing, fraught moments known to pre-couplehood. At this point, you two are tougher than teflon.

4. You were together for at least a handful of those crucial moments of college-bound sexual experimentation. And that’s pretty cool.

5. You’ve seen each other’s drunkest, messiest, most irresponsible selves. Nothing says “lasting love” like that time you helped scoop their vomit out of a sink at 5 a.m.

6. …And then, you were there to guide one another through your freshman years of life. You bore witness to each other’s transformations from fuckids to (mostly) sober, functioning humans. Again, pretty freakin’ cool.

7. You know each other’s simplest selves. You started dating when “dinner” meant a loosely fried egg or lukewarm Cup Noodles.

8. You have tons of mutual friends. College couples tend to have loads of ’em, and you’ve maintained those close friendships together.

9. You still have major crushes one another. Often, you see each other through your 18-to-22 year old eyes. You remember what it was like to love them when you were barely adults, and your sexual chemistry remembers, too.

10. Your love endured when neither of you had any money. You stuck out those first stages of post-grad poverty together; your relationship wasn’t built on fame or riches. That shit is real.

11. You know, first-hand, what gets each other’s intellects going, and why. It’s special to get to know someone in an intense academic environment. You’re in touch with one another’s nerds.

12. You’ve survived a ton of logistical relationship nightmares. You’ve probably had to do long-distance (or something equally taxing) at one point, whether it was because one of you graduated a year earlier than the other or your first jobs were in different cities, or both. But you made it through, and your relationship is rock-solid as a result.

13. You got to know one another back when you had all the damn time in the world—when your biggest responsibility was dragging yourself out of bed anytime before noon, and you could stay up till 6 a.m. several nights in a row, just picking each other’s brains.

14. You grew up together. You aided one another’s journeys into adulthood. You helped each other mature into your fullest selves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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