11 Simple Truths That Will Make Your Life Better Now


1. Some people aren’t always meant to be in your life forever. Whether they’ve been around for years or for just a few months, when they’re done serving their purpose, they will exit. And that’s okay. Let them go.

2. Some people will enter (or re-enter) your life to serve a new purpose. You may not know what it is at first. You may even be skeptical of their intentions but eventually it will become clear. And that’s okay. Let them in.

3. It’s so much easier to accept your flaws and shortcomings rather than lament over them. Yes, this is easier said than done, and yes, this may take some work, but who you are is who you are — so you may as well accept it already. It won’t stop you from being loved. There is someone out there who will love you in spite of your flaws but that can’t happen until you do it first.

4. There’s no use in agonizing about things that are beyond your control. It’s a waste of energy and brings about unnecessary anxiety. Sometimes you just have to let things be.  Allow the outcome to transpire as it was intended.

5. Self-awareness is a never-ending process. For example, I learned I can be a bit of a control freak and it negatively affects my levels of patience. It took me 30 years to learn this about myself and it may take another 30 years for me to be 100% ok with not being in control of everything ALL the time… but at least I know I’m headed in the right direction.

6. Everyone should be allowed a chance to redeem him or herself. If someone did you wrong and they want to apologize, hear them out. If they ask for your forgiveness, give it to them. You’re not doing it for them. You’re doing it for yourself. There’s no use in holding a grudge. It’s negative energy that hangs as an albatross around your neck and prevents you from moving forward with your life.

7. Don’t wait to tell people how you feel about them. If given the opportunity, seize it. Lay it all out on the line. Don’t be afraid of their reaction. They may surprise you. You may be giving them their opportunity to tell you the same, but if they don’t respond the way you like, at least you know you tried.

8. Nothing beats a good hearty laugh, a deeply passionate kiss, or a nice, long cuddle when you’re feeling down and out. Absolutely nothing. It’s even better when it’s the same person who can provide them to you.

9. You can be independent and still need someone. They are not mutually exclusive. I don’t want (or need) someone to tend to my bills. I need someone to tend to me. I can take care of myself, but it’s ok to have someone help nurture my mind, body and spirit.  

10. Life consists of choices so choose wisely. Choose to surround yourself with the right people. Choose not to deal with the BS. Choose to appreciate what you have. Choose what type of life you want for yourself. Choose to be happy. Only you hold the reins to your life and only you get to choose what direction to go.

11. Live more in the moment. Try not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. You can’t change the past nor can you predict the future. The only time that matters is right now so make the best of this second, this minute, this day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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