60 Questions I Have (But Will Never Ask) About His Ex

60 Questions I Have (But Will Never Ask) About His Ex

1. Is she prettier than I am, objectively speaking?

2. Or am I the hotter one?

3. Why do I even care???

4. What kind of underwear did she wear?

5. Did she like to match her bra and panties?

6. Was she confident in her body?

7. Did she prefer one pieces or bikinis?

8. What did she like to eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks?

9. Was she a beer drinker or a wine person?

10. Maybe she was totally sober?

11. Was she an extrovert or an introvert? Or an extroverted introvert?

12. Did they read horoscopes aloud to each other in bed?

13. Did he smell her hair when he hugged her like he does with me?

14. Did she run her fingernails down his back upon request?

15. Did they give each other massages?

16. Do we look at all alike?

17. How often did they have sex?

18. Was she better than I am in bed?

19. How often did she give him blowjobs?

20. Did they do it more animalistically or more tenderly?

21. At what point did he say “I love you” to her?

22. And how often did they drop L-bombs thereafter?

23. What was it like traveling with her?

24. Was she an over-packer or did she pack light?

25. Did he open up to her during pillow talk or did they never get that intimate?

26. What was her favorite color?

27. Did he tell her all his secrets or keep some just for me?

28. How much of his past did he reveal to her?

29. Did she like everything about him?

30. What were her pet peeves?

31. What about her annoyed him beyond belief?

32. Did she surprise him consistently?

33. Did things get boring?

34. Did they laugh together constantly like we do?

35. Did they laugh as hard as we do?

36. Did they have any ongoing inside jokes?

37. Did they have cutesie nicknames for each other?

38. Did they assume they’d be together forever?

39. At what point did things go wrong?

40. Did she fall out of love with him first?

41. If so, did she break his heart?

42. Did he ever think about proposing to her?

43. Did he imagine what married life would be like with?

44. Would he have dated her at all if we’d met first?

45. Did he introduce her to all of his friends?

46. What did they think of her?

47. And them as a couple?

48. Did she meet his parents?

49. Did they assume she’d one day be their daughter?

50. Did they ever dream about their future wedding?

51. Did she have a lot of friends?

52. Was she a good dancer?

53. What did they do together?

54. Did he ever think she’d be the mother of his kids?

55. Does he check up on her on social ever?

56. Does she call on her memories of them as a couple whenever she’s sad?

57. Does she long for him? Ache for him? Miss him?

58. Does she think about me and what our relationship is like?

59. Is she jealous of what we have?

60. Was it easy for her to get over him? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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