10 Honest Qualities About An Aries That Everyone Should Know

10 Honest Qualities About An Aries That Everyone Should Know

March 21st through April 20th is the time for Aries to shine. I know plenty of people whose birthdays fall within this time frame. Here is my own list of what I feel Aries are like, feel free to comment with disagreements or agreements if you, yourself are an Aries!

1. Aries are people who enjoy being independent. They prefer to change and grow as a person because they take on life optimistically.

2. Males and females who are Aries are known for being honest creatures. Although they won’t be blunt or rude, they strive to “keep it real” for their friends and families. Aries are great lovers, friends, and siblings.

3. Aries love to give to others, but have trouble accepting compliments or presents. It is not that Aries are ungrateful, but rather never expect anything to be given to them. They are extremely hard workers and everything they have is earned and worked for.

4. Aries can be sensitive and inside their own head, a lot. They over think, over analyze, and go over scenarios multiple times. The reason for this is because they like to think of all angles of a problem or situation before coming to a conclusion.

5. Aries feel most comfortable when they are aware that you relate with them. That’s when they let their guard down and open up a little easier.

6. Aries are dedicated within their careers and/or jobs. They commit to the work and are super ambitious. Often they are looking for improvements within themselves to better fit a job, but fail to realize they are already doing great.

7. An Aries will hurt them-selves before they hurt another person intentionally. They really care deeply about their relationships but do not voice this often. They know in their heart they would be there for their loved ones if ever a time called for proof.

8. More times than not an Aries will be mistaken for an extroverted personality type when in reality they are a closet introvert. Some Aries are open about their shyness while others keep it to themselves. More often than not however, Aries are people who are always thinking and in their head. It could be a good thing as well as a bad thing.

9. Aries are highly intelligent.

10. An Aries will never forget how you made them feel whether it was good or bad, they’ll never forget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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