Today I Am Here And That Is Enough

Today I Am Here And That Is Enough

This year has been many things and at times I can’t explain it.

Constantly shifting. Growing. Evolving.

Everything is different.

This new moon brought forth so much change and I’m just trying to catch up emotionally and be in my feelings.

How every moment experienced-

interaction is setting us up for the next path.

I hope you nurture your mind, and if you feel overwhelmed by everything coming your way,




and remember we all at some point feel-

Off-balance. Unsure. Fear.

It’s all momentary.

The good the bad and in-between.

Everything is fleeting.

The moment it began, it’s ending.

So, if today you are feeling low,




Know this moment will pass you.

And if you are feeling happy,




Take a moment to appreciate this emotion that so many have trouble Experiencing. Allowing. Enjoying.

Whatever it is it will be okay.

We are all temporary beings on this planet.

The mere fact that we are here living, experiencing, evolving

is frightening-

yet beautiful.

To know that even after all the lows, all the struggles, and defeats.

There are highs, giving ins, and achievements.

And it doesn’t matter if today wasn’t the latter for you, because there is tomorrow.

I hope this brings you peace.

and when you have better days


just be

fully present.



appreciate the moment.

Take it for what it is.

Just that, a moment.

I hope over time you have collected enough of these moments

to get you through the tough times.

Here’s to whatever this unpredictable life may bring your way.

May all of these experiences enrich you, strengthen you and guide you.

Give you the resilience that it is you need.

Here’s to another year of living.

Today I am here and that is enough. TC mark

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