17 Easy Ways To Make This The Best Year Ever

Twenty20, gugu009
Twenty20, gugu009

1. Leave the past in the past.

Recognize that the people, situations and events that wronged you last year will linger around as long as you let them. The only way to move on and to be open to new, better things ahead is to clear out the negative. Do your Spring cleaning sooner rather than later.

2. Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama.

Be the zen in the universe. When you hear about insane, incredulous and infuriating situations, be a great listener but don’t let someone else’s madness become your own. It’s often just as effective to let a family member or a friend blow off steam through venting than it is to get fully involved.

3. Stop making unnecessary mistakes.

Think twice before you act. Re-read emails before hitting “send.” Don’t post things on social media that you don’t want the whole world to see or comment on.

4. Set goals that are actually achievable.

Then create a plan for achieving your goal, and don’t give up at the first sign of failure. Remember why you set the goals in the first place. Get a friend to join you in your quest and be sure to reward yourself (not with the thing you’ve been avoiding to achieve your goal) with something satisfying.

5. Reconnect with an old friend.

Contact that person you meant to call back six months ago, but never did. Or that person you love like family but haven’t spoken to in years. Old friends know your history and what makes you tick. Make the effort this year by returning phone calls, making plans to visit and sticking to those plans.

6. Plan to love stronger and better.

Appreciate the people in your life that are there for you unconditionally and avoid those who don’t give back what you put into your relationship. Don’t take loved ones for granted – they may not wait for you to realize how much they mean to you.

7. Apologize when you mess up—even for the little things.

Everybody makes mistakes but it’s how you take responsibility for those incidents that will have a lasting impact on your relationships.

8. Get an annual physical.

There’s nothing wrong with checking under the hood once in a while.

9. Stop over-scheduling yourself and see where the day takes you.

Adventure lives in spontaneity and the willingness to explore the unknown.

10. Do a few things that scare you.

Then two things you’ve never done before. Then plan a trip somewhere you’ve never been.

11. Be open minded to meeting new people.

There are no rules in relationships. Just because one person may have hurt you, doesn’t mean that every person will hurt you. Participate in activities that you would normally turn down so you can meet new people. Go out when you feel tired. Be open to set-ups when you’re sure it’ll never work.

12. Try new foods and go to new restaurants.

Stop ordering the same thing every time you go to a particular place. Try something you’ve never heard of. Ask to share whatever your friend is having. Ask the server to suggest something and actually order that. Tip your wait staff generously.

13. Read the books your smartest friends recommend.

Then read some books you know absolutely nothing about. When you love a book, share it with a friend as you would a great gift.

14. Have at least three “going out” outfits in your closet at all times.

And find occasions to use them if the occasions are not finding you.

15. Move on from the person who isn’t worth your time.

When the guy you’re interested in doesn’t contact you after a few dates, pretend he’s taken an impromptu trip around the world by sea and isn’t reachable any longer. Then move on and stop waiting for him to remember how awesome you are.

16. Be healthy, but not obsessive.

Drink less, sleep more, stick to a gym routine, and eat healthy. But pig out every now and then, too. Stop worrying about every calorie, every pound. Give yourself a license to have a little fun, but know where your limits are.

17. Spend time with the people who fill you up with light.

People that give you love and good energy and who understand you enough to appreciate the remarkable human you are. This is the best way to celebrate any year from now until the end of time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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