Soulmate based on birth month

This Is The Definition Of Your Soulmate, Based On Your Birth Month

This is what your soulmate is like based on your birth month.


Someone who can keep up with you and meet you at your level. 

You’re hardworking, ambitious, and very passionate about achieving your goals and following your dreams. So you need a life partner who feels the same. Not only someone who absolutely believes in you and supports you 100%, but someone who has their own independent goals and aspirations; that way, you feel like you are two independent beings with your own unique lives, but who go through life as teammates and partners.


Someone who loves the fact that every day with you will be different. 

You are a free spirit with ever-changing passions. The most important thing in the world to you is to find joy, and that usually means you’re experiencing new adventures constantly. You need a soulmate who goes through life with you knowing it will be unpredictable, and loves you all the more for it.


Someone who takes care of you as much as you take care of them. 

You are a very compassionate, selfless, and giving person. But that sometimes means you draw people towards you who are only interested in what you can do for them or how you can take care of them. So you need a soulmate who doesn’t look at you as someone they can take for granted. They are absolutely in love with your kindness and empathy, but they never look at those attributes as things they can take advantage of – they only think about the ways that they can take care of you, too.


Someone who wants you to be no one else but yourself. 

You have a very strong, unique, and captivating personality. And a lot of people can be intimidated by that. So you need a soulmate who wants to stand by your side and support you in any way they can, without ever asking you to change for them. They are comfortable in who they are and they are comfortable in who you are – so all they care about at the end of the day is feeling connected to you.


Someone who never makes you feel like they’re holding you back. 

Of all the birth months, you are by far the most focused. You know what you want, and you love spending your days enjoying the process of figuring out how to achieve your dreams. So you need a soulmate who never asks you to slow down for them – they are just as passionate and motivated as you are, always trying to enjoy the present while still planning for the future. Your soulmate needs to be a combination of someone who never asks you to put your dreams on hold or to stop running, but who can also remind you to live in the moment and enjoy every second of now.


Someone who you feel like you can truly talk to. 

June is the most sensitive of all the birth months, so your soulmate needs to be someone who makes you feel safe, loved, and totally accepted for who you are. You have no trouble making friends, but you do have trouble getting over pain after you’ve been hurt, so your soulmate is someone who is careful with your heart and doing everything in their power to make you feel cared for and like you have a home with them.


Someone who is bold about love. 

Of all the birth months, you probably have the most sparkling personality. You make friends easily and you never have trouble connecting with people. But what you do have trouble with is being open with your heart in a romantic way. So your soulmate needs to be someone who isn’t afraid to be straightforward and upfront about their feelings, and makes you feel safe enough and brave enough to do the same.


Someone who is both supportive of you and unwavering when it comes to standing up for themselves. 

You have the definition of a ‘leader’ personality. You’re fearless, focused, and very comfortable being the center of attention. But because you’ve always been able to command a room, sometimes that has accidentally seeped into the way you treat your significant others in your relationships. So the definition of your soulmate is someone who supports your ambitions and dreams, but also calls you out when you’re being bossy or stubborn, as well as when you’re trying to control the relationship or only thinking about yourself.


Someone who fascinates you and holds your respect. 

While you’re often a kind and warm person, you can also suddenly become very critical and judgmental. Your soulmate needs to be someone who is very confident and comfortable with who they are, and can call you out when you’re criticizing them (or someone else) for no reason at all. The definition of your soulmate is someone who you are endlessly fascinated by and interested in, but who also helps you with breaking your habit of constantly pointing out other people’s flaws.


Someone who encourages you to be who you are and to not worry as much about what other people think. 

October, you’ve always been able to make friends quickly and easily, and to give out affection and warmth to everyone around you. But you also tend to worry a lot about other people’s opinions, and you’re constantly fighting your instinct to be a people pleaser. The definition of your soulmate is someone who loves you for who you are and never feels insecure about how easily people gravitate towards you. But they also need to be someone who helps you to love yourself exactly as you are, instead of always trying to be the person you think other people want you to be.


Someone who brings balance into your life.

You love putting your creativity to use and finding ways to improve yourself regularly and effectively. The problem is you never know how to turn your ambition off occasionally, or to compartmentalize things when necessary. The definition of your soulmate is the person who can show you that you can have both – you can be focused on your ambitions and on the future while also remembering to pause, live in the moment, reflect, and take care of yourself.


Someone who mirrors your same amount of honesty and trustworthiness. 

You are all about loyalty, dependability, and being genuine. So you deserve a soulmate who is the same way. Someone who loves to be playful and who loves to joke around with you, but is also in this thing wholeheartedly and is not afraid to dive all-in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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