12 Very Tiny Things You Should Do Every Morning To Make Your Day A Thousand Times Better


Get up the first time your alarm goes off, so you don’t keep falling back into a deep sleep that it’s hard to come out of. The more you snooze, the more exhausted you’ll be.


Don’t immediately start scrolling through your phone as soon as you get up. It’s fine to check the time and any important messages, but try nixing the habit of scrolling continuously through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else the minute you open your eyes.


And going off the point above, give your brain the gift of a little bit of silence when you first wake up. If it feels absolutely bizarre, start slow at first. Just try 60 seconds – where you look out the window or sip your coffee or simply sit at the table, without looking at any screens. Just sit there and breathe in the moment and let yourself take your time.


Stretch. Your limbs will thank you.


Write down three things you’re thankful for from yesterday. It will remind you to head into your day searching for things to be grateful for, rather than searching for things to be angry or stressed about.


Send a text to someone you love and say something you know they’d love to hear. It can be as simple as I miss you or Thinking of you.


Read something that will bring you motivation, peace, or encouragement. It can be an inspirational quote or an essay from one of your favorite publications or a chapter from a book you’re trying to get through. It will be such a nice and serene break from the loudness and frenzy of social media.


Smile at strangers when you’re heading to work – you’d be surprised how many smile back.


Say something nice to a coworker when you get to the office. The benefits of starting the day out with some positive energy are endless.


Drink three times as much water as you do coffee.


Treat everyone with kindness.


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