What It Means To Love A Taurus

What It Means To Love A Taurus

When you love a Taurus, you truly learn that ‘home’ can be found in another person.

When you love a Taurus, it means that you will be loved and taken care of and treated with a kind of warmth that you’ve never felt before – a warmth that is unconditional, and selfless, and unearned, and genuine, and true. It is the warmest kind of love you will ever feel.

When you love a Taurus, you learn how to slow down. You learn that patience doesn’t always mean managing your temper or being kind to those you can’t stand – you learn that it also means looking up, looking around, finding pleasure in the tiny details. When you live your life with a Taurus, you live with the kind of patience that involves sitting at the table in the morning and drinking your coffee and taking the time to just be. You live with the kind of patience that dares you to pause and breathe in the joy around you and to truly feel the warmth and love radiating from your loved ones.

When you love a Taurus, you learn how to accept love, even when you’re convinced you don’t deserve it, because their heart is so big and their love for you is so fierce that it’s impossible to ignore and impossible to reject out of fear or self-doubt or worries about inadequacy.

When you love a Taurus, you live a life filled with honesty, and loyalty, and steadiness, and peace, and a vulnerability that is both painful and heart-lifting.

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When you love a Taurus, you live a life you never thought you were good enough to deserve, a life where your home is constant and unconditional and always there – because your home is inside of them. TC mark

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