What It Means To Love A Gemini

What It Means To Love A Gemini

It means that some days you will feel like you know them inside and out, and then some days you will feel like you don’t know them at all.

It means that there will be moments where they are so bright and animated and full of life that you will just watch them with tenderness and affection and a little bit of bewilderment.

And then in other moments, you will realize that something is wrong and that something is causing them turmoil but you will have no idea what it is or why it’s happening or if it’s your fault or how to fix it.

But when you love a Gemini, you just keep going and keep loving, even if you don’t know what you’re doing or what they’re thinking or where it’s all going to go from here.

When you love a Gemini, you love the fact that every day is different and uncertain and unpredictable, even if it terrifies you at the same time.

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You love them for their complexity, for their vulnerability, for the fact that they are so dazzling and yet so human at the same time. 

When you love a Gemini, you live a life filled with deep laughs and spontaneous moments and vulnerable conversations and exceptional connections and some really hard days and some really, really incredible days.

When you love a Gemini, you live a life that involves growth, challenge, excitement, vulnerability, change, depth, and truth. Because when you love a Gemini, life is never boring. TC mark

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