33 People On The Human Behavior That They Find Absolutely Disgusting

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1. Ignorance.

Sharing ignorance. Especially on social media. Those viral pictures with an incorrect quote, or a political misnomer. In the Digital Age it doesn’t take almost any effort to google the validity of something before sharing.

2. Blame.

The tendency to blame everyone else for your problems.

3. Excuses.

One day in middle school, I was trying to explain something that had gone wrong with my printer to a teacher, and why I couldn’t turn in an assignment. I’m assuming she’d had a bad day, and finally snapped. She told me I wasn’t giving her reasons, I was giving her excuses. She then gave me a long list of things I could’ve done to rectify the current situation, and to stop blaming my mistakes on other things. It was a huge holy shit moment for me. From then on, I admitted when I made a mistake. It usually surprises teachers when I don’t give them a bullshit excuse and just come out and say “sorry, I fucked up. It was my bad”

4. Pride.

When people have pride in their ignorance.

5. Friday.

How people act on Black Friday. I mean really.

6. Toys.

I got hired at Toys ‘R Us in college, and my second day was Black Friday (we called it “Green Friday” because it sounded friendlier). They decided it would be awesome to have me be one of the people there at 5am. I had people screaming at me because I didn’t know the layout of the store yet and I couldn’t tell them where Tickle Me Elmos were.

7. Mean.

Mean drunks. If you can’t handle your shit, don’t fucking drink.

8. Related.

I can list it as a ton of related problems, (refusal to think critically or logically especially about important topics, ignorance and outright refusal or apathy when it comes to the pursuit of truth, etc), but I guess it can be summed up as one major behavior: an individual’s inability or refusal to believe that he or she could, in some capacity they may or may not be able to recognize, be wrong. It absolutely amazes and disgusts me how many people refuse to even entertain the notion that they may not understand or have drawn a correct conclusion on the subject they’re discussing (or that gasp there might not actually be a knowable or right answer).

9. Mob.

Mob mentality

10. Keeping.

Keeping another from happiness for no reason. Basically selfishness.

11. Lawsuits.

Unjustified lawsuits.

When I read about people suing others who have saved their lives because the saver broke the savee’s rib or something in the process, it makes me sick. Things like that make me afraid to help anyone in trouble for fear of them or their families finding a way to punish me for doing something good.

In fact, there was a whole big thread on this where people did something good for someone and ended up getting fucked over by either the law or by the family for the person who was helped. It’s disgusting to see good deeds resulting in such things.

12. CPR.

I was a lifeguard in high school and had to perform CPR on a child. I, of course, broke her rib cage upon the first compression. She was taken to the hospital and lived. I was then sued by the parents for the hospital bills associated with repairing her rib cage. My boss at the time protected me entirely and I didn’t even need to appear in court. The Good Samaritan law had me covered.

13. Cheating.

Cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend. Way to kill someone on the inside…

14. Shot.

I just learned that this 20 year old guy I went to school with committed suicide about a week ago. He came home after visiting our hometown to find the mother of his 2 little girls in his bed with another man. Shot himself shortly after, specifically because of her cheating on him.

How will those kids not blame her for that for the rest of their lives? It is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard, even though I didn’t actually know him too well. Makes me physically sick to think about it.

15. Fandom.

Exclusive fandom.

Why the fuck are you not welcoming people into the same interests as you?

You’re not better having discovered it first.

16. Fast.

When people take videos of fast food fights, they don’t hold the camera in landscape mode.

17. Still.

Or how NOBODY ever holds the camera still.

18. Strangers.

I can’t stand when people treat complete strangers with more respect and affection than their families. My Dad would be super nice to our waitress or waiter than treat his kids like shit.

19. Driving.

Drinking and Driving. Just takes a bit of preplanning or selflessness on one persons part (like a DD for a group of friends).

20. Abandoning.

Parents not only walking out on kids they’ve partially raised, but the fact that they PARTIALLY raise them and don’t give a shit.

For a father to walk out of his kid and a mother to abandon her child is just mind blowing. You had a kid. You can fucking raise it or you can let someone else. You don’t say “au revoir” and just be gone. Especially when they’re old enough to remember you.

21. Mean.

That so many people today have a complete lack of empathy for one another. It’s atrocious how mean people are to one another.

22. Retail.

Treating retail workers like they’re below dirt. Seriously, if you don’t have the decency to treat them like humans, then fuck you.

23. Employees.

Treating employees as consumables. Conversely, employees treating a business as their nemesis whilst happily collecting their salary.


That people have to be fake for everything (at least in here America). The politics have to lie and be fake in order to be elected, then when they get in, they destroy everything.

People are suggested to lie and fake to get dates, and after they get married, they let themselves go and be assholes to each other. In reality, they just hid their true selves to lure you in for themselves, and then you find they’re not anything like you think.

People are suggested to lie and be fake at job interviews. Wearing clothes that have nothing to do with their personality, or the job itself. People exaggerate themselves, or else they’ll be a afraid to not be hired anywhere. You have to be “honest” at these interviews, yet the boobs that DID get hired are the same people who after you hire, decide to slack off, or quit a week later because the job was “too hard”. Even after they put down, they’re “hard-working” people on their application, and tell the interviewer/manager what they want them to hear.

We’re constantly pushed to be 100% perfect on a daily basis, whether it be looks, personality, being wealthy, for a job. It’s terrifying how much humans are pushed to not be “humans”. None of us are perfect. We all have our flaws, both looks, personality, and lifestyle choice. We can’t win in this world.

25. Smarmy.

When somebody feels that they are morally superior to another person and are a smarmy fuck because of it.

26. Celebrities.

Idolizing celebrities. Why is it so important to know what kind of fabric softener celebrity A is using and which gas station celebrity B prefers?

27. Stalking.

Oh wow… that’s a big one for me. The worst part about it is that there is a business to be had from stalking and harassing celebrities for “news”.

They’re fucking people, too. I don’t care how much you love them, they deserve to have private lives just like you.

28. Animal.

Animal cruelty. It induces a rage within me unlike anything else I ever feel. Also, not the most profound example, but flicking cigarettes out of car windows really makes me mad.

29. Save.

We save our dead.

We seal them up in an expensive box, buy land, and save our dead.

30. Blink.


31. Careers.

The fact that the most useless careers are the most glamorous.

32. Hand.

Rape. You can’t just blow your load in you hand?

33. Caring.

Not caring.

I’m guilty of it too, oddly enough. Nobody else cares, so I stopped caring. It’s all a bunch of bullshit but that’s how the world is these days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Amy Elizabeth

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