21 Dating Problems Only Introverts Have To Deal With

1. Not immediately texting someone back because you’re scared of saying something stupid or looking too needy, and then forgetting to text them back altogether.

2. Wanting to just spend time next to someone, where each of you are doing your own thing, and having them mistake that for being “distant” or not wanting to be with them.

3. Having a minor anxiety attack before your first date because you do not feel quite ready to deal with people but you didn’t want to cancel at the last minute.

4. Meeting someone online and enjoying talking to them so much that you almost don’t want to ruin it with your awkward “in-person” personality.

5. Having a really amazing and fulfulling relationship with someone very long-distance, where no one understands why you’re not more upset that you don’t get to spend more “quality” time with them.

6. Double dates (shudder).

7. Having a really good date that ends badly because you both decided to go to a really loud, crowded bar and it totally drains you within ten minutes.

8. Meeting all of the new SO’s friends for the first time and having to be “on” for an entire night.

9. Falling in love with someone who really likes to go out and having to try and explain to them every time that it’s not them, and it’s not their friends, it’s just that you can’t always be going out and still keep your sanity.

10. Being constantly asked “what’s wrong?” “are you okay?” and “why are you so quiet?” on dates.

11. Wishing there was an OKCupid specifically for introverts.

12. Not having people understand that just because you’re a little more reserved or quiet in social situations does not mean that you don’t enjoy sex or are a total prude in the bedroom — an assumption that people make more than you think they would.

13. Meeting your SO’s family and hoping that they’re not going to be the kind of people who get on your case about wanting to just read a book in a corner for a while.

14. Texting with someone and trying to explain that you do want to see them, that you just can’t right now because you really need to recharge, and knowing that they’re going to take it badly and misunderstand.

15. Being referred to as the “quiet one” by their friends.

16. Having your SO be genuinely surprised that, yes, you do have a group of friends and, yes, you do go out and do stuff sometimes.

17. Having to dance in front of people.

18. Going to weddings together where a) the pressure of “when are you two getting married?” is on full-force and b) it’s like 10 straight hours of socializing with a bunch of people you don’t know.

19. Inviting them over for the first time and having them ask about all of your things (and realizing that you’re really defensive over your things, like your book collection or your little nook by the window).

20. Wishing that you could explain what being an introvert really means on a date without coming across like you’re weird or want to feel special.

21. Realizing that you might always be the “quiet one” when it comes to dating, and that there isn’t much you can do about it except hope that the world becomes more accepting. (Or maybe even that you find someone who’s just as “weird” and “quiet” as you are.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – American Beauty

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