The 23 Worst Things Men Like To Say To Women

No, guys. Just… no.

1. “I dated a girl who looked like you once.”

2. “You’re not like other girls, other girls are so [insert terrible adjective here].”

3. “You’re so exotic.”

4. “Don’t worry, I like curvy girls.”

5. “You look like you have a little [ethnicity] in you. … “Would you like to?”

6. “Why are you reading that book when you could be talking to me?”

7. “Come on, girl, smile.”

8. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” (This goes for any cheesy pickup line, they’re all equally terrible.)

9. “Why don’t you want to talk to me? Do you have a boyfriend or something?”

10. “Don’t be stuck up.”

11. “Normally I don’t go for bigger girls, but…”

12. “Normally I don’t go for [your ethnicity], but…”

13. “Don’t be needy.”

14. “You’re so much hotter than all the other bitches in here.”

15. “I used to date a girl that was so bitchy, nothing like you.”

16. “Can I touch your hair?”

17. “I have found that [girls of your ethnicity] make the best partners. The most loyal, loving, know how to treat a man right.”

18. “Would you ever do a threesome?”

19. “You look like [unattractive female celebrity].”

20. “If you have a boyfriend, is your friend taken?”

21. “You are definitely the cute friend.”

22. “Why do you wear your hair/makeup/clothes like that?”

23. “Hey, let me get your number. Let me get it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Kuba Bozanowski

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